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Build the perfect holiday capsule wardrobe with super stylist, Millie Rich

Millie Rich, senior stylist at Thread, has produced the ultimate product list of what you need to create the perfect capsule wardrobe to take on your summer getaway.

By LLM Reporters  |  April 20, 2022
Woman portrait on blue background

A capsule wardrobe is a solution to many of life’s more annoying problems. If you’re ever unsure what to wear, or can’t decide if a new purchase will have much mileage, then a capsule wardrobe will see you right.

Millie Rich, senior stylist at THREAD, said: “A capsule wardrobe is, simply, put, a wardrobe of essentials. Everything works together, which means you don’t have to make tough decisions. You can pull out clothes almost at random and they’ll look good. 

Millie Rich is the senior stylist at Thread. Image credit: THREAD

The trick is to think about pieces you can wear for lots of different settings and with everything else you’ve packed. 

Millie explains: “So, for a summer capsule, it’s about updating the colours and the fabrics to make them more suitable. Paler shades, lighter materials. You want to be cool, comfortable and stylish.”

Pick up these items and you’re guaranteed all three. Below are Millie’s 10 favourite products for the ultimate capsule wardrobe.

The swimsuit

Woman in one-piece Yellow Swimsuit in the sea
Style your summer outfits with a pair of one-piece swimsuits to make you comfortable and fashionable. Image credit: Trismegist8/

It’s a no-brainer that if you’re heading somewhere poolside, you’re going to need some sort of swimwear. Opt for a swimsuit rather than a two-piece purely for its versatility. Of course, you can wear it when swimming but it also doubles up as a bodysuit if you want to tuck it into some shorts or linen trousers for lunch or dinner date. Just go for a style that you feel comfortable in and, if you want to make it feel more contemporary, try a one-shoulder style.

The day-to-night dress

woman wearing a dress
Whether you’re going shopping during the day or on a night out later, slip dresses are the perfect item to have in your wardrobe. Image credit: LightFields Studio/

The ideal choice for a day-to-night dress is a stylist’s best friend- the slip dress. Its simplistic and minimal feel means you can really play around with accessories to make it feel appropriate for whatever you’re up to. There are so many colour and print variations, so you’re sure to find one that feels like a bit of you. Layer up with a t-shirt for a more casual look, wear it on its own during the day for minimal tan lines or, dress it up with some small mules for the evening. 

A white shirt

Young women in white shirt
The ultimate essential layering piece will forever be the white shirt. Image credit: alexandrdubynin/

The ultimate essential layering piece will forever be the white shirt. It can go over everything from dresses to denim shorts. Not to mention it’s, without doubt, the chicest option when it comes to bikini cover-ups. Plus, if the evening is feeling a little breezy, it’s a great option to keep the chill away while still feeling lightweight. Better yet, it takes up next to no room in your case. Need we convince you more? 

Linen shirt

Millie Rich recommends linen to add to your staples
Sustainability is on the rise and linen is one the best eco-friendly purchase to have in your closet. Image credit: LesDaMore/

You might feel like two shirts are a little overkill, especially if you’re trying to pack light – but you do need both, here is why – unlike the cotton white variation, a linen shirt is a perfect opportunity to opt for something a little bolder in colour. It will work for both day and evening tucked into shorts or styled over the top of an outfit you feel needs a little oomph. And, don’t forget linen is a super breathable fabric too, so you’ll stay nice and cool.

Versatile sandals

Sage green sandals in neutral tones
A pair of stylish neutral shade slide sandals is a must for summer. Inage credit: Gorova/

Neutral colours are probably going to be your best bet here; however, if the rest of your wardrobe is lacking some colour then something bold can also work. Essentially, just reflect your style here, if you’re quite practical, maybe try a hiking style. If you’re more minimal a one-strap iteration might work, perfect for a summer evening. 

Timeless sunglasses

Woman in classic pair of sunglasses
Protect your eyes from the UV rays with a timeless pair of designer sunglasses. Image credit: Everest Community/

It’s very easy to get sucked into the trap of buying all the latest trends when it comes to sunglasses. But, investing in a pair of timeless frames that will last for years to come is always going to be the better approach. When shopping, take the time to find a frame that suits you (this may take a little trial and error), just make sure they have good UV protection. 

Hair accessories 

Style hair clips this summer says Millie Rich
Hair accessories are a great way to make any outfit a bit more interesting to look at. Image credit: New Africa/

Hair accessories are a great way to make any outfit a bit more interesting to look at. Plus, they also protect your head if you go for something like a headscarf or a sun hat. Even something like a claw clip looks really chic while serving its purpose of keeping your hair out of your face.

Statement jewellery

Gold jewellery on a young woman
Accessorise with gold jewellery this summer. Image credit: Alvaro-O-Donell

Even if you’ve packed the most basic of clothes, having some jewellery pieces that feel a little fancier for the evening is always a sure-fire way to make you feel special. You can pretty much take your pick here – both earrings and necklaces will work just as effectively. 

Hard-wearing shorts

Denim, linen or cotton shorts all work well as multi-taskers in your holiday wardrobe. Image credit: Tamara Bellis/

Denim, linen or cotton shorts all work well as multi-taskers in your holiday wardrobe. Linen or cotton shorts are not only comfortable options, but they create an effortless silhouette and are lighter in weight, ideal for those hot days. 

Denim is a great alternative for when it begins to get cooler throughout the afternoon. The great thing about denim is that even though it feels particularly casual, it can be easily dressed up with a mule and a nice top for the evening.

Beauty products

Vacation Make-up kit
Pack a light make-up kit and sunscreen for a holiday filled with sunshine. Image credit: Zahrin Lukman/

When you’re on holiday, you’re going to want to keep things minimal. Of course, pack your SPF and keep applying it throughout the day. Then to spruce up your face for dinner, lipstick and mascara are the essentials to complete your look.