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Building a new skincare routine with Skinfood

Thinking of starting a new skincare routine? The idea can be daunting – especially when you consider that one size does not, in fact, fit all. Getting together a good routine that works for you requires knowing what your skin truly needs. Is it dry, oily or combination? And what are your main concerns?

From cleansers to serums, eye creams to night creams, if you’re new to skincare then it pays to learn the basics about what to use and when. Keep in mind that there’s a right order for applying products to your face,and deviating or mixing it up a bit can mean you won’t get the results you want.

To help get you on the road to an effective and luxurious skincare routine that makes your skin feel great and you feel utterly pampered each morning and evening, we sat down with the experts at Skinfood to find out the crucial steps to follow.

Morning Routine

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Start your day right by committing to the basics

Start your day right by committing to the basics. Essential steps to be completed before applying your makeup, they will ensure your skin feels fresh, clean and is protected for the day ahead.

1. Cleanse

The first step in any good skincare routine is cleansing. In the mornings, this can be a fairly light product, as your skin should still be relatively clean from the night before, and free of makeup, too.

There are a variety of different cleansing products on the market, so the key is finding one to suit your needs. Cream cleansers and cleansing milks are great for dry, sensitive skin because of their light, gentle, and nourishing ingredients. For oily and acne-prone skin, refreshing gel cleansers are the best option.

Skinfood’s Egg White Perfect Pore Cleansing Foam is recommended for beginners because it is compatible with most skin types, and it’s gentle on your face.

2. Tone it

Toning helps prepare your skin to absorb all of the other products you will be applying by opening your pores. Look for toners that are alcohol-free to avoid dry skin. Consider toners that have ingredients with soothing properties like chamomile, rosewater, and green tea.

For acne prone skin, pick a salicylic acid-based toner. Remember to apply it right after you cleanse your skin, while skin is still damp, to secure moisture. Skinfood’s Premium Avocado Rich Toner and Gold Caviar Toner are popular toner choices for all skin types.

Smiling young mixed race woman applying face cream on her perfect skin. Model with flawless skin holding white jar of cream on blurred grey background in cosmetology clinic.
There are a variety of different cleansing products on the market, so the key is finding one to suit your needs

3. Apply serum

This step is optional. Choosing a serum that targets your problem areas (like acne, dry skin, or oily skin) is excellent backup protection. Look for ingredients and functions that will best address your personal skin concerns. Skinfood’s Yuja Water C Whitening Ampoule In Serum 2X is a great choice.

4. Moisturise

Again, look for a suitable moisturiser to suit your skin type. After cleansing and toning, patting moisturiser in will help your skin to hold onto its moisture. Skinfood’s Royal Honey 100 Hour Moisture Cream is a luxurious choice that is packed full of nourishing ingredients your skin will love.

5. Don’t forget your sunscreen

Sun protection is another crucial product that you should never skip, especially during the day time. Always use a specific sunscreen, aside from your makeup products, that contains a high SPF, to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays – which can cause wrinkles, sunburn and even skin cancer.

Choose an SPF 15 or 30 sunblock that has broad-spectrum for everyday use. The SPF should block out both UVA and UVB rays that can damage your skin. Skinfood’s Aloe Watery Sun Daily SPF50+ PA+++ is popular because of its thin consistency and moisturising properties.

Evening Routine

Young woman washing face with soap in bathroom
After a long day at work, you deserve to spend a little time pampering your skin at night

After a long day at work, you deserve to spend a little time pampering your skin at night, and a thorough routine that is filled with beautiful and nourishing products will leave you feeling like a million dollars as you head off to bed.

1. Remove everything from your face

During the day, the likelihood is that you’ve been wearing makeup – and you may also have already exposed your skin to all sorts of pollutants, oil, and dirt. This can lead to clogged pores and rapid skin aging, so a thorough cleanse to remove all traces of dirt, debris and makeup is essential.

No matter how tired you are or late you’ve been out, make sure to never miss this step. Double cleanse if necessary until your face cloth is coming up completely clean.

Start with Rice Daily Brightening Cleansing Tissue and then follow up with Skinfood’s Vege Garden Cleansing Foam for optimum results.

2. Treat acne or early signs of aging

Adding serums and anti-aging treatment can help improve the texture of skin and give you that radiant glow we all crave. It is never too early to address wrinkles and fine lines, either – and with consistent application, it will encourage cells to regenerate new collagen and give you a more youthful appearance overall. Try Skinfood’s natural Aqua Grape Bounce Bubble Serum, which smells great and provides skin with all the goodness it needs to bounce back from the effects of aging environmental stressors.

Beautiful woman applying cream on face at bathroom
The skin around the eyes is delicate and susceptible to the signs of aging, and using an eye cream before you sleep will nourish and protect it

3. Use eye cream

The skin around the eyes is delicate and susceptible to the signs of aging, and using an eye cream before you sleep will nourish and protect it. There are various different types of eye cream on the market, so find a formula that suits you – whether your main concern is dark circles, puffiness, fine lines or wrinkles, there’s an eye cream out there to suit your needs. While you’re at it, scan labels for antioxidant properties that will help delay skin aging. Maintaining a good eye care routine can minimise dark eye bags and prevents sagging.

Avoid eye creams with artificial fragrances, as these can invite irritation. Skinfood’s Gold Caviar Collagen Plus Eye Cream with an Anti-Wrinkle Effect will help to fight early aging in the eye area, and will leave your peepers feeling soothed, refreshed and ready for a good night’s sleep.

4. Moisturise…again

Invest in a good night cream to nourish and hydrate your skin as you sleep. This is the time when your skin repairs itself, and so a richer product that is packed with goodness will ensure it has everything it needs to do so. You can also add a sleeping mask or night cream like Skinfood’s Aqua Grape Bounce Overnight Mask to wake up looking fresh-faced and ready to face the day.

Create your add-ons

Now that you’ve learned the basics, you may want to add some additional steps for a skincare routine that really packs a punch. Once you get used to paying attention to your skin and its needs, it will become easier to spot any areas of weakness, and products such as facial spritzes, beauty oils and weekly sheet masks can all help.

Why not treat yourself to a thorough Sunday night pamper session to ensure you start the week off in style?