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Buying designer men’s shoes that are suitable for smaller feet

Men with smaller feet often have trouble finding designer shoes in their size.

By LLM Reporters  |  November 30, 2021
groom tied the laces on the shoes close up

It is often said that one of the first things people will notice about you when you enter a room is your shoes, so it’s important to wear the right pair for the occasion. There’s nothing like an expensive pair of polished, designer leather brogues to make a statement, and the sartorial male knows that the key to a good wardrobe is having an extensive selection of footwear to suit all moods.

One issue that men often have to face is finding the right size – particularly if they are smaller-footed. Men’s shoe sizes may not always align with the same standards as women’s footwear, so when buying smaller men’s shoes online, you’ll need to take some extra steps to ensure that they fit perfectly.

If you’re looking to update your collection for the winter months ahead, then look no further – as these four top tips will ensure you land the perfect pair.

1. Think beyond black and brown

When it comes to shopping for shoes for men with small feet, it’s easy to assume that the options will be limited to classic colours like brown and black – after all, they can be difficult enough to track down in the first place. But as the fashion world slowly but surely begins to diversify and cater better to individual requirements, and from short and tall ranges of clothing to wide-fit shoes, most conundrums now have a solution.

Shoes for small-footed men are, as a result, now available in a wide range of colours and styles, which means you are not limited to just one or two underwhelming models, and have just as much choice as the next gentleman.

So, why stick with black and brown when you can have a signature pair of your own statement shoes? From blue suede to white leather, there is something for everyone – to lay your hands on the perfect pick, consider your outfits and choose something that will either complement or clash in the most stylish of ways if you’re not afraid to make a statement.

man trying on designer shoes
A quality, well-made pair of shoes will last you for years to come and will work well with a variety of different outfits

2. Choose classic styles

Having said this, there will always be a place in our wardrobes for classic, timeless shoe styles. A quality, well-made pair will last you for years to come and will work well with a variety of different outfits – so although colours and prints can make a fun addition to your collection, be sure to always have a couple of staple pairs you can rely on for any occasion, too.

Leather Chelsea boots, loafers and brogues are all classic styles that will never fall out of favour, and should feature in every sartorial male’s wardrobe.

3. Do your research

Before heading to your favourite luxury goods store – whether online or off – it’s always wise to do some research. Not all shops will stock the shoes you like in small sizes, so look for specialist outlets that do so or where you can order them in advance. This way, you’ll save a huge amount of time and stress, particularly if you plan to shop at bricks-and-mortar stores.

For successful smaller shoe purchases, it is best to refer to reputable brands such as Stravers shoes, as established companies such as this have plenty of experience in this field and will be best placed to help you find your perfect match.

a pair of smart black shoes
Leather Chelsea boots, loafers and brogues are all classic styles that will never fall out of favour, and should feature in every sartorial male’s wardrobe

4. Keep the style of shoes low

Heel height might at first seem like a consideration for women, but increasingly, men’s shoe styles are incorporating chunkier soles and flatforms to provide additional height. If you’re on the shorter side and feel you would benefit from the extra height, then don’t be afraid to try these so-called ‘elevator shoes’ out – many of the best designer pairs have developed styles where this is subtle, although there are some much bolder and more obvious ways to boost height if you’re not afraid to make a statement, too.

Of course, small feet don’t always mean small stature, so if you’re already towering above others then elevator footwear might not be for you. In this case, opt for a thinner sole instead, but be sure to always opt for quality and ensure there is sufficient cushioning for the foot.

The bottom line

Buying men’s shoes for smaller feet might feel like quite the task, but the good news is that it is no longer the stressful and often, fruitless task it once was. These days, there is plenty of choice to suit all tastes, and with many of our favourite designer brands jumping on board to provide for a broader set of customer requirements, there is no need to compromise on style.