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Cracking the code: A new season style guide for the sartorial male

drinks with friends

By LLM Reporters  |  September 22, 2021
man with smart shoes

After a summer of excess and months of relaxing in designer shorts and sunglasses, autumn is officially upon us, leaving many men wondering what they should be wearing during this transitional period. As we relegate our favourite linen shirts to the back of the wardrobe and make way for the new season style, it’s time to start investing in some key pieces for the months ahead, as well as bringing out some of those classic and timeless luxury garments we love and reintegrating them back into our daily essentials.

When it comes to establishing a capsule wardrobe for autumn and winter, considering the kinds of occasions you might need to dress for is essential. Besides the everyday, you might be attending fancy dinners, red carpet events or social occasions with friends, and each comes complete with its own dress code that you’ll want to ensure you adhere to.

While rigid dress codes are, in many cases, a thing of the past, they do still exist in some form, and failing to understand what is expected of you can lead to a red face if you turn up wearing the wrong attire.

Here, we take a look at the modern autumn and winter dress code for some of the highlights of your new season calendar, from the smart-casual to the formal.

A night at the casino

man in casino

If you’ve been invited to a night at the casino, these days it can be difficult to know what to wear. Once upon a time, a seat at the poker table required full black tie get-up, and if you weren’t sporting a tuxedo and a pair of perfectly polished shoes then you simply wouldn’t be allowed in the door.

Thankfully, times have changed, and the dress code for an evening of gaming and gambling is now somewhat more relaxed – but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on looking your best. A shiny pair of shoes is still essential, so leave the flip-flops and trainers at home and lace up in a pair of brogues instead. But you can swap that tux for a pair of tailored trousers or chinos and a smart shirt – smart casual is the name of the game, but to be safe, always lean more towards the smart side.

Of course, if you’ll be enjoying an online poker night on a site like from the comfort of your sofa instead, then the dress code is, anything goes – but dressing the part can put you in the right mindset to play your best, and potentially, score you a nice big win.

A Michelin-starred dinner

drinking wine in a restaurant

When it comes to fine dining, an elegant choice of outfit is essential. Although Michelin itself doesn’t specify a dress code, each restaurant may – so if you rock up in designer jeans and a t-shirt then you could very well be turned away.

Dressing well is a mark of respect for the food and wine you are set to enjoy, and when you’re splashing out on an expensive dinner date, you might as well take the opportunity to look the part. Once again, a polished pair of shoes is essential, and a tailored outfit paired with a suit jacket or blazer will ensure you tick all of the other boxes required. For an added air of sophistication, opt for a pair of diamond cufflinks or your favourite Rolex to finish the entire look off.

Drinks with friends

After a year and a half of social occasions being well and truly off the table, many of us are taking the opportunity to reunite with friends, and while the summer months have seen many an outdoor soiree and garden party, as we head into autumn we can expect such occasions to move indoors.

When the nights are cold and dark and the weather is grim, you might prefer to host guests at home, and hiring in some waiting staff and setting up a cocktail or champagne bar is a glamorous way to go.

The beauty of entertaining at home? You’re the one who gets to set the dress code – but every sartorial male knows that that’s no excuse not to make an effort, so finding a happy medium is key.

In a situation like this, a pair of well-cut designer jeans is acceptable – too long or too baggy is a guaranteed fashion faux-pas. Pair with a plain white t-shirt or button-down shirt and a fitted blazer for a relaxed yet stylish look, and add one of the sportier luxury watches from your collection to inject a little extra personality.