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Detangle yourself out of this one: How to tame those curly tresses!

women curly hair

Curly hair has always had a dichotomous relationship with us. For those with straight hair, curls have been their salvation to get volume and thickness. For those with curly hair, it’s all about trying to find products that can maintain their tresses and support the reality that is frizz and tangles.

Tangles and frizz are usually a result of dehydrated and heat damaged hair. Drinking water and staying constantly hydrated is one of the key and inexpensive ways to reduce frizz. You will certainly see a change in how your hair feels and the way your hair shines, but with the help of some tried and tested products, you will also see a longevity in anti-frizz and anti-tangles. Curls should be easy to work with and should always look elegant once styled. They should be enjoyed and paraded and be effortless. Some of my favourite products and techniques can ensure this is the case and they should definitely be something you include in your curly haircare regime!

women with curly hair
For those with curly hair, it’s all about trying to find products that can maintain their tresses and support the reality that is frizz and tangles

It’s super slick & does the trick!

Oil applied to the hair, has been a technique that has been used for centuries and this is especially the case in India. From coconut to amla, these oils have been religiously used to ensure that the hair is thick, shiny and healthy. It also promotes active hair growth; thinning hair wasn’t even a concern. Now I do love a good coconut oil because it includes all the healthy fatty acids and proteins to do everything stated above. However, for fine and frizzy hair like mine this oil isn’t always the best. As you may know coconut oil hardens and must be heated for it to become liquid. After application the oil begins to harden once it is exposed to the air long enough. Consequently my hair becomes brittle, tangled and when brushed through it often breaks. Thus, coconut oil is not a product that can be kept in the hair for more than a few hours. To really get the full effect of conditioned hair using oil, I feel almond oil is the best. Fushi Organic Sweet Almond Oil (£9.00) is sensational and not your average almond oil. It is cold pressed so that every single nutrient is captured during the oiling process. It includes all the omega fatty acids, vitamin E and magnesium to nourish and strengthen hair as well as stop hair loss. What’s more it won’t dry the hair because even at room temperature it will remain liquid and slick enough. Keep it on for an hour or an entire weekend and after washed your hair will feel incredible. It never ceases to amaze me how soft my hair really is and how little it falls out. Tangles and frizz are now a thing of the past when using this oil! Use as a weekend treatment or an hour before washing and going out and you will be amazed at the change in your curly hair. Your locks will be shiny and easy to handle.

Fushi Organic Sweet Almond Oil is sensational and not your average almond oil

Keep it clean & conditioned

There are several products on the market that boast of their abilities to control frizz and by default tangles, but often they come with a price; a price that compromises the health of your hair. This is because they are full of parabens and silicones, both of which leave a thick residue on each hair strand and stop moisture from getting into the hair. So what brand and products are the diamonds in the ruff? I believe it to be Living Proof’s No Frizz Shampoo & Conditioner (£44.00). Living Proof has created a patented Healthy Hair Molecule called OFPMA that ‘creates an exquisitely thin, weightless, invisible shield around each hair strand’( without taking away the health of your hair. All this without the use of parabens or silicones; the shampoo and conditioner does the normal cleaning and nourishing and for those with curly and frizzy hair, it eliminates the frizz by blocking out any humidity or unhealthy moisture in the air. An incredible combination that helps detangle and elevates the look and feel of your curls.

Brush, it through

So the rule of thumb when it comes to hair brushes is to use a wide-toothed comb because it will glide through hair easily, especially wet hair. This is even more important for those of us with curly hair. As our hair needs a little more encouragement to remove any tangles or frizz, wide-toothed combs are not as painful to use. My number one brush for this is the Tangle Teezer Blow Styling Smoothing Tool – Half Paddle (£18.00). It’s somewhat of a miracle brush! It has the perfect amount of surface area to capture a lot of your hair at one time, but it does not compromise its ability to glide through the hair easily. You’ll find that there is little hair on the brush and that a lot of the frizz that normally comes after washing your hair, will be almost non-existent. This brush is also perfect to use on dry hair or even while blow-drying as the name suggests. Curls will be enhanced with this brush and the shine is almost unreal!

Tangle Teezer
The full size blow-drying hairbrush from Tangle Teezer is the innovative hairbrush which takes hair from wet to dry

Primers aren’t just for the face…

All I can say is wow, wow, wow when it comes to the Oribe Run Through Detangling Primer (£36.00). After using my first bottle I was hooked. I found a change in the texture of my hair straight away; whether it’s used before I brush through my hair, afterwards or even before I use a blow-dryer, my hair has a silky feeling and smells incredible. If the Tangle Teezer Brush is what somewhat a miracle, the Oribe Primer is a miracle in a bottle. Unlike a lot of detangling agents out there in the market, the Oribe Prime actually works. With Oribe’s signature blend of pomegranate, apricot and coconut, curly hair cuticles are smoothed and separated for optimum detangling results. Whether your hair is curly, frizzy or even straight, this primer truly relieves your hair of tangles and makes working with your hair effortless.

So when it comes to tangles and frizz, don’t fear. These haircare tools and techniques will help you on your curly haired journey!

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