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Five grooming swaps to make this spring

Get the very best out of your grooming routine this spring with some key essential products and tips that will put you one step ahead of the rest.

We might still officially be in the grip of winter, but the evenings are getting decidedly lighter and the mornings less dark and dreary by the day. Not only that, but the sun has even begun to make a rare appearance, and paired with the recent arrival of March, it can mean only one thing: Spring is finally on the approach – and with it, comes warmer weather, Easter barbecues and plenty of sunny days (well, we live in hope!).

If you were wise enough to switch up your grooming routine when winter began in order to protect yourself from the harsher elements, then the chances are that you’ll still be knee-deep in grooming gear designed to get your skin, hair and everything else through the season, but with just a few short weeks until the clocks go forward, it’s time to have a quick rethink, and make sure that you’re prepared for the sunnier times ahead.

bluebeards revenge post shjave balm
Image credit The Bluebeards Revenge

1. Moisturise
The rich morning and night creams that can prove essential for protecting skin from harsh winds and the biting winter chill can be a little overpowering from spring onwards. Swap yours for a lighter lotion like The Bluebeards Revenge’s Cooling Moisturiser, which soaks quickly into the skin without leaving it greasy, adding a welcome shot of hydration as well as calming and soothing red or irritated skin.

2. Out with the beard and in with the mo’
Beards don’t always go with warmer weather, so the change of season is a good time to consider your choice of facial hair. Why not lighten things up and try some designer stubble for spring? Or if you like a statement, a lone moustache? It’s true that it might take a bit more upkeep to maintain, but at least you’ll no longer have to worry about the bits of food that are caught in your beard – or the birds nesting in it, for that matter!

Keep your mo’ looking tip top with a dab of The Bluebeards Revenge Moustache Wax, and make sure to give it a good comb through a couple of times a week.

3. Shave smart
When it comes to shaving, it’s still crucial that you take care of skin correctly, as the irritation that can come with it is irrespective of the weather. Beardy or not, you’re going to need some form of upkeep, and even a tidy around the edges requires due care and attention. Preparation is still vital, particularly if you suffer from sensitive skin, so be sure to apply a good layer of pre-shave oil beforehand and leave it to soak, softening skin and hairs to facilitate a smoother and easier shave. Whip shaving cream into a rich lather and apply generously, using a sharp blade to complete your shave to minimise friction and drag. To finish, put on a good dollop of post-shave balm to cool, calm and soothe the skin.

4. Hair today, gone tomorrow
Your hair may also need a rethink and the longer length that kept you well insulated throughout the winter could prove more of a hindrance as things begin to warm up. Opt for a shorter style- or leave it long on top and have the back and sides clippered to a grade two or below, pulling the upper section back from the face. Style with matt paste for added volume – stickier, high-shine products can occasionally melt in warmer weather, leaving your scalp and hair feeling uncomfortably greasy.

5. Prep and protect
It’s important to maintain a regular skincare routine, and cleanse, tone and moisturise both first thing in the morning and last thing at night. This is something that applies year round, so rather than a ‘switch up’, count this one as a reminder to keep on going with your skincare regime for the coming season. While it may be tempting to relax your approach come the warmer weather, this can prove detrimental to the skin, particularly if you’re on holiday and enjoying the sunshine. Sunscreen and sweat can block pores if not removed correctly at the end of the day, leading to irritation and potential breakouts – but it’s also essential that you do use that SPF during the day, to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays.