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Get a Christmas glow with Blush and Blow’s Environ Facial

Words by Jacinta Ruscillo

The John Lewis advert has officially been released which means Christmas is just around the corner. Looking your best is a must for the festive season and how better to get radiant skin than treating yourself to a facial?

As a millennial beauty journalist, technology-based treatments always excite me; from haircare to skincare, innovative treatments are only getting better and better. When I heard about the Environ facial, I was keen to try out one of the most technologically-advanced facial treatments on the market.

Nestled away in leafy Parson’s Green is makeup artist Bridget O’Keeffe’s gorgeous beauty salon Blush and Blow. Specialising in facials, nails and of course blow-dries, their in-house skin clinic is a labyrinth of luxury, offering some outstanding facial treatments, skincare advice and the ultimate relaxation.

Blush and Blow offers an oasis in the heart of London

Raimonda Vaskiene, Blush and Blow’s resident skincare expert welcomed me into the gorgeous salon for my Environ facial, that felt like an oasis away from bustling Central London. The beautifully cosy treatment rooms offer a tranquil space away from the cold outside.

Raimonda began by preparing my skin with a double cleanse, removing any makeup and impurities from my skin. She then briefed me on exactly what the 6-step Environ facial would entail. It’s designed to give your face, no matter how tired it might be, a little skin renaissance which makes it perfect for maturing or sun-damaged skin and those wishing to prevent the early stages of ageing.

Using the purest and most active forms of Vitamin A, C and E and an ionzyme machine, Raimonda combined all the benefits of hyaluronic acid with the most gentle electric pulses and ultrasound to optimise the serum’s penetration.

The 6 step process uses ultrasound technology

With cooling cotton pads over my eyes, the ultrasound machine glided over the forehead, around the eyes and the smile lines, getting into the deepest dermis of the skin 4000% more than applying it alone.

It essentially gets through the waterproof barrier of the skin, safely moisturising the new forming skin. It’s the same technology as an ultrasound scan of a pregnant lady so there’s no discomfort or loud noise; instead, it just felt completely relaxing and soothing.

The mask is next; an alginate mask applied all over the face, including the eyes, mouth and down to the neck. It dries as a peel-off face mask so don’t worry about it getting into your eyes. Crocodile clips are attached to the mask which allows the machine to work over the mask. The intense hydration feels fabulous and you truly feel renewed when the mask is peeled off.

Raimonda then applied a cooling eye gel, a moisturising oil and a cream to the skin and the hour-long treatment was complete. My skin looked noticeably plumped and radiant and felt exceptionally smooth.

The consultation also includes nutrition and skincare recommendations

Raimonda’s skin consultation was rounded up with nutrition and skincare recommendations to ensure my skin was getting enough Vitamin A and C. Cod liver oil, good fats and plenty of dark green vegetables ensure your skin is nourished from the inside and will reflect beautifully on your face.

I went into Blush and Blow hoping to come away looking like the facial had actually done something. There have been times where I have come out of the salon feeling and looking exactly the same but with Environ, I saw how well it worked after a stand-alone treatment.

Although it doesn’t claim to even skin pigmentation after one try, I found that my skin had the effect of a lightly tinted moisturiser, only without the makeup. Be sure to wear sunscreen after any Vitamin A or retinol treatment or products as they may make you more sensitive to the sun.

As a final verdict; whether you want a quick radiance boost before the Christmas work do or a long-term skin treatment over a course of facials in 2019, the Environ really does deliver fast results.

To book in for your Environ facial, call 0203 866 4569 or visit Blush and Blow’s website

Image credit: Mask image courtesy of and all others courtesy of Glossy Consulting.