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Getting suited & booted for the Christmas party season

Words by Adrian Barrows, from The Bespoke Tailor

Once again, as the festive party season appears on the special events horizon, it’s time for dapper men all over the country to start thinking about how they’re going to dress to impress this Christmas.

It can be tough to find the right line between standard be suited elegance and special seasonal flamboyance. You don’t want to appear too ordinary and have people think that you’re a regular bah humbug with no sense of fun. But at the same time you don’t want to overdo the yuletide glam and end up looking like Christopher Biggins in panto. As always, balance is key.

First of all, in a sea of suits and ties, the trick to standing out starts with getting the essentials spot on. So, just in case it doesn’t go without saying, make absolutely sure of the following:

– Whatever you’re wearing, make sure that it fits – nothing flatters more than a perfect fit.
– Shoes must be perfect – no one has to see their face in them (unless you’re in the army) but they do need to be clean and uniformly polished.
– If you’re wearing a tie, get it right – nothing says sloppy like a lazy knot.
– Nails, beard and hair – make sure they’re clean and perfectly groomed.

man in suit
Look your very best this Christmas

Now, with the basics nailed, we’re ready to think about the tailoring. Here are a few very simple ideas to put the natty in nativity and give your look a festive edge.

Tuxedo Jackets: No longer the sole preserve of the strict formal setting, the tuxedo jacket – especially if worn as a separate and tied with a less formal trouser – can really make you shine. If your Christmas party is the smart-casual kind rather than wholly formal, you might want to mix your tux jacket with dark denim for a totally striking high-low, formal-casual combo.

Patterned/Checked Suits: Christmas is the perfect time to let your hair down and if you’re feeling confident enough to move away from a single-colour suit, you might want to plump for something patterned or checked. Maybe go for a Prince of Wales check with a neutral jacket. Or if you have the chutzpah, go for some trendy tartan or something equally bold.

Silk Scarves: Finally, nothing makes a style statement like a snazzy silk scarf. Go for a neutral colour or, if you have the confidence to carry it off, a paisley or even polka dot will make you stand out without being overly flamboyant.

It’s okay to experiment a bit with your attire over the Christmas season. As long as you don’t go too over the top, you can be forgiven for putting an unusual, but still totally stylish, combination together.