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Farah Almesbah

Getting to know fashion designer and a style icon Farah Al Mesbah

By LLM Reporters on 2nd March 2019

Farah Al Mesbah is a fashion designer and a style icon from Kuwait. She completed her studies at London College of Fashion and was mentored by the industry professionals. She believes fashion designing isn’t just about good taste and creativity. It’s all about technical skills and how you breathe life into the design by its good construction. She cuts the patterns and works with her team to deliver perfection.

Her clients have always felt pretty wearing her designs and have always commented how they magically fit and flatter their bodies. Farah focusses on designing beautiful clothes that are meant to be loved and cherished by its owner, and never trend affected and would last lifetime to pass it to their daughters.

Tell us about Farah Mesbah Official

The brand Farah Al Mesbah is designed for a unique and a confident woman with a refined taste. The designs are usually inspired by royal women and are designed to make the woman feel pretty and royal elegant.

What inspired your current collection?

The inspiration of the Spring/Summer 2019 collection is my elder sister and her memories from the 80s and early 90s. I have always been a fan of her taste in music of that time, and borrowed some of her vintage kept pieces from when she was a teenager. So I imagined myself if I had lived her time. How would I have dressed, perhaps looked like or sounded like? This has been my inspiration. Some of the pieces are inspired by the current fashion at that time from my favourite designers during the 80s such as YSL and Gianfranco Ferre for Dior. I loved designing this collection because I discovered my passion of making huge bows and bright colours as a statement.

What should we expect from your next collection>

The next collection for Fall/Winter 2019 is quite different, a bit more refined and relaxed, inspired by the Regency fashion. Expect War and Peace vibes, although it wasn’t the movie that inspired me, somehow I was inspired by Audrey Hepburn and her 1960s fashion but merged it with the Regency, as you know, the 1960s has lots of Regency fashion references.

Besides being a fashion designer, what keeps you busy

I love reading historical events and figures, unusual stories and mythes from the past, learning and reading about mid-century designers. I am a biography person and real stories capture my attention quite a lot. It satisfies my curiosity about people or a kind life I never and will never experience.

Which fashion icon do you admire the most and why?

Cate Blanchett, as not only her choice of outfits is brilliant. She has a charismatic character which graces the outfits wonderfully. At the end of the day, it’s not just the dress, it’s all about the woman wearing it.

If you were not in the fashion industry, where will we find Farah?

Interior designer, I have designed the entire interior of my brand’s salon. But you know, you can’t separate a fashion designer from an interior designer. They’re the same, only a different canvas to work on.

What is your greatest strength?

I personally think in terms of my career, my strong personality in a way. I stick to my own opinion and what I believe is right, and it’s always translated into my collections beautifully. I tend to work on details that usually trend a few seasons after by coincidence, and it’s a huge strength as it keeps my designs original and I believe, it makes them even more valuable.

If you can decide the color of the year which color would it be and why?

Fuchsia and yellow, they’re bold and happy colours.

Where does your passion for fashion come from?

Uniqueness and how it reflects the woman wearing it. My passion in fashion designing comes mostly from the pioneers in the mid century (modern). I find them hugely inspirational, and it’s quite hard to find a similar inspiration in this commercial time.

Pick a country where you would like to bloom and why?

France, I admire the vibes, the culture, the language, the architecture, the history and monarchs, I find lots of my inspiration comes from this country.

What’s your ultimate goal

Spreading positivity, as nothing makes me happier than a happy client. It makes me very proud when a client comes back to tell me everyone complimented her and her outfit. I want to spread this everywhere.

Would you like the world to know about you? Why?

I believe every artist wants to be known worldwide, not only me. Because when you share your thoughts and art, you want them to be appreciated and admired.

Describe yourself in 3 words

Unusual, moody, and history-loving.