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Going the extra mile for the perfect Hollywood smile

In a society that is dominated and controlled by social media – from stunningly beautiful Instagram influencers, to the need to snap that sneaky selfie – the desire to be flawlessly beautiful is stronger than ever.

Thanks to the variety of cosmetic treatments now readily available, breast enhancements, liposuction, botox and fillers have all become commonplace, with everyone from the Kardashians to royalty rumoured to have dabbled with at least one or two. Not only that, but such treatments are now easily accessible – meaning anyone can get them, whatever their age, social standing, or even income.

These days, it is the bright white, perfectly aligned Hollywood smile that is now seen as the ultimate fashion accessory, and gone are the days when straight teeth meant having to endure a traumatic two-year affair with clunky metal train-tracks. A range of cosmetic dentistry treatments, such as invisible braces and tracks which sit behind the teeth instead of in front, have seen an increasing wave of demand in recent years, and cheap home teeth whitening kits have eradicated the need for more costly trips to the dentist for the privilege. And for those who need a little extra help? There’s always the option of veneers. Whatever is standing between you and that perfect smile, there’s usually a solution.

The desire to be flawlessly beautiful is stronger than ever

But for some, the problem is about more than just misalignment or discoloration – with issues arising from the very structure of the face.

From underbites to gummy smiles, there are some problems that just can’t be fixed with a few wires of plastic trays, and for years, they have been dismissed as issues that simply have to be lived with. Those suffering from such problems are often resigned to the fact that they will never attain the smile of their dreams – but as the desire for aesthetic perfection intensifies, the world of cosmetic surgery is scrambling to keep up with demand, and things have begun to change.

Leading the way in life-changing treatments is maxillofacial clinic, Clinica Birbe – one of the best of its kind, and with the best maxillofacial surgeon in Europe – Dr Birbe – at its helm. Offering solutions that include orthognathic surgery – the medical specialty that places the bones of the face in an optimal position to chew and to achieve a proportionate and beautiful face – the Barcelona based clinic sees hundreds of clients coming through its doors each week, with thousands of enquiries pouring into its email inbox every new month.

Amongst the pathologies dealt with at Clinica Birbe is the afore-mentioned gummy smile, which occurs when the upper lip is too short for the bone and teeth it is designed to cover, or, conversely, when the upper jaw is too long for the upper lip. The amount of gingiva that is exposed is excessive as a result, creating what’s known as a gingival smile – where the expanse of gum on display is vast, and leaves the teeth looking comparatively small.

These days, it is the bright white, perfectly aligned Hollywood smile that is now seen as the ultimate fashion accessory

The clinic also deals with prognathism on a daily basis – a structural issue where the lower jaw protrudes further than the upper jaw. This can be due to a lack of maxillary growth, known as maxillary hypoplasia – or thanks to an overgrowth of the mandible, called mandibular hyperplasia.

It may seem like some pretty complicated stuff, but for many, it’s the answer they’ve been looking for. Whilst the decision to undergo facial aesthetic surgery is not one to be taken lightly, the results can be astoundingly good, and gummy smile surgery and other such procedures are becoming more and more commonly sought after by those who have suffered lifelong dissatisfaction with the way they look.

Thankfully, such surgeries can largely now be done under local anaesthetic rather than general, with patients in and out on the same day – making the whole experience far easier and pain free than you’d expect. Whilst further cosmetic dentistry may still be required to get that perfect set of pearly whites, it’s a giant leap in the right direction, giving patients the confidence they have always hoped for.

In a world where changing the way we look has become commonplace and selfies are a daily evil deemed necessary to many, such treatments are arguably less extreme than many of their counterparts – correcting an existing issue, rather than serving to completely alter one’s looks beyond recognition. And with such a skilled team of surgeons on hand at cutting-edge clinics like Clinica Birbe, it’s an option that could put that smile back on your face in more ways than one.