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High end athleisure wear you’ll adore as the frosty mornings fade away

By LLM Reporters on 12th March 2019

Spring is on the horizon and those dark frosty mornings of winter are slowly fading away. However, as much as the warmer temperatures are welcomed, knowing what to wear for the unpredictable temperatures during this transition can be difficult. Athleisure wear is the ultimate solution, and we’re certain you’re going to adore it.

Athleisure has been trendy in menswear for some time now. The athletic-inspired style is anchored by the humble sweatpants. Still, it’s important to remember the sweatpants must be slim fitting and tailored, making for a silhouetted look.

Key pieces for athleisure

Numerous pieces can add an athleisure touch to your wardrobe. These should be staple items, as they are essential to pulling off the trend. Of course, sneakers and tracksuits are a must – as are bomber jackets, polo shirts and sports-inspired bags.

Athleisure has been trendy in menswear for some time now


It may be a little too “warm” for your winter coat. A windbreaker can be your new go-to jacket. The interesting fabrics and textures can add to a fresh twist to the otherwise lightweight sporty jacket. Look for pieces with a paneled hood, or draw-cords that have been rubber-dipped.


Tracksuits have been making a comeback for a few seasons now. The monochromatic look is sleek and stylish, making it incredibly easy to pull off. Don’t be afraid to experiment with color, but black and navy are always failsafe options. Gym King tracksuits can serve as especially good flagship options for athleisure.

Paneled joggers are a complete throwback to that retro PE look and can be very flattering. They are the quintessential choice for when you need to leave the house during one of those frosty mornings but don’t really feel like making the effort. You’ll look stylish and be warm enough – athleisure really is the way forward.

Athleisure is perfect for a number of occasions


The dawn of spring means that it’s almost time for you to be able to bare those arms. Both casual and formal, short and long sleeve, the t-shirts of athleisure take “sporty but stylish” to a whole new level. The likes of sleek striping allow you to show off those chiseled arms, whether you’re wearing long or short sleeves.


Trainers have now become the everyday footwear of choice. Performance footwear has been pushed aside by styles that integrate their looks and comfort but remove their performance in regards to athletic intent.

While it retains a similar appearance to performance footwear, the footwear of athleisure is cool enough to be worn with slim-fitting sweatpants.

Trainers have now become the everyday footwear of choice

When athleisure should be worn

Athleisure is perfect for a number of occasions. Not only is it great for when you dash out the house in a hurry during those frosty mornings, it’s also great for the weekend. For when you are out for drinks with the boys, at the cinema, headed to a sports match or even on a date, athlesiure is a stylish choice.

However, while athleisure may be on trend and considered cool, it only works for relaxed occasions. With business settings and anything considered formal, stick to a suit.