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How casinos inspire fashion

By LLM Reporters on 24th November 2019

There are few places that quite reach the dizzying heights of glamour quite like a luxury casino does. From the outside to the interior, some of the world’s finest gambling establishments ooze elegance everywhere you look – and that includes the well-dressed elite who are often found crowding around the roulette tables and slot machines within.

The kind of place where you can expect to rub shoulders with the rich and famous as well as some of the highest rollers from across the globe, it’s little wonder that casinos like the extravagant Bellagio in Las Vegas, or the spectacular and iconic Café de Paris, in Monte Carlo are packed with some of the fashion world’s most agile dressers. Here, you can expect to see trends hot off the catwalk adorning the impeccably dressed guests – so if you’re in need of a little inspiration for your own wardrobe, then look no further.

Over the decades, the fashion industry has always served as an inspiration for the best-dressed casino goers – but you may be surprised to know that casinos have also inspired certain aspects of the fashion industry.

How could that possible be the case? Well…

Finding inspiration in casinos

007 actors Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig usually sport Italian based suit makers Brioni. Image credit:

When we take a look at the history of casinos as a whole, it becomes very, very evident that the ever-changing trends of the designer fashion world can be easily seen within their four walls. Casinos were once filled with the most elegant and sophisticated dressers, donning elegant cocktail dresses and smart suits for the occasion, but despite still being filled with the fashion-forward.

During the golden era of casinos, men and women would come from far and wide, excited by the opportunity to wear their finest clothes and enjoy an evening of true extravagance – going out of their way to look perfectly polished to compliment the opulent surroundings.

This, in turn, inspired many things. For example, the way that James Bond dressed is something that most people would compare to that storied casino fashion. The Bond stars show their love of perfectly tailored suits; Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig usually sport Italian based suit makers Brioni or American’s equivalent – Tom Ford. Sean Connery would opt for, unsurprisingly, something more British, sporting suits by Marylebone-based designer, Anthony Sinclair.

Naturally, this unique fashion reflected opulence on an unprecedented scale. This led to several casinos operating with strict dress codes. If you weren’t dressed up, you weren’t entering.

These days, though, casinos have had to relax their dress codes somewhat, to keep up with modern fashion. Gone are the days of black tie and ball gowns, and today it is all about the edgiest outfits and the boldest statement.

Modern designers

Classic casinos also have a rather peculiar aesthetic appeal to them, with a focus on colours like red and black

It is easy to see how some modern designers could become entranced by the opulence of the by-gone golden era, when the casinos in some of the world’s most picturesque cities were frequented by royals and celebrities, tucked away in hidden spa towns and along vibrant coastlines.

When it comes to the workwear of today, the people who work in casinos are often still beautifully dressed. Many of them continue to wear outfits that are similar to those worn by their predecessors. This can be seen reflected in some pieces of modern workwear, especially the kinds of pieces worn by people in roles where they often find themselves rubbing shoulders with the elite.

When it comes to casual clothing, there are plenty of different ways in which modern designers can take inspiration from casinos. For example, the glamourous dresses of yesteryear are similar to the dresses that women wear to black tie events today, with each capturing the opulence of times gone by.

Classic casinos also have a rather peculiar aesthetic appeal to them, with a focus on colours like red and black. If you were looking to create an elegant line of clothing, then you could do worse than getting your inspiration from here.

Modern casino clothing

As the times have progressed, so has casino attire

As the times have progressed, so has casino attire. Freshly ironed shirts have been replaced by tops and jackets, and elegant dresses have made way for comfortable jeans and vest tops. Most of the time, people who are in casinos want to be as comfortable as possible – though this simplistic, less-is-more approach to dressing oozes laid-back glamour in a way of its own.

Jake Heard, one of the experts at, a casino comparison website dedicated to promoting free spins and other promotions offered by regulated UK online casino, told LLM: “Most casinos in the UK these days are pretty relaxed with how their clients dress so as long as it’s not shabby or too shabby. However, playing in some high-end establishments in certain parts of capitals such as London might require formal or semi-formal dress codes. Just to make you’re not let down at the door, double check the required attire before you head out. Often, shoes are a deal-breaker, so avoid flipflops or trainers and opt for smarter footwear instead.”

Even so, some of the world’s very finest casinos still hold onto the traditions of yesteryear and insist that all of their guests abide by a strict dress code policy. If you are looking for the perfect excuse to wear all of your finest garments that you might not be able to get away with elsewhere, then we would highly recommend venturing to one of those casinos. If you’re looking for the utmost in elegance and sophistication, then head to one of the world’s most iconic establishments – you’ll find them in places like London, Paris, Ibiza and Macau – but do your research first.

The world of casinos and the world of fashion are incredibly similar; they are both too large to comprehend, drawing in millions of people from around the world. You only have to visit a few casinos first-hand to see just how they have the power to influence designers – just be sure to dress for the occasion for a glamorous night of abandon you won’t forget.

Please gamble responsibly (18+ UK) – check age restrictions before participating