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How Jazmin Schmerber is taking over the digital realm with her fresh approach to high-end activewear

‘It Girl’ Jazmin Schmerber is making early waves in the digital realm with her brand Equilibre LA.

By LLM Reporters  |  February 1, 2022
Image Credit: Image credit: Cristina Trayfors (@cristinatrayfors)

The future of fashion lies in the digital space and Jazmin Schmerber is multiple steps ahead of everyone. From model to entrepreneur, ‘It Girl’ Jazmin Schmerber garners the drive and determination that it takes to successfully revolutionise an industry.

Modelling was something that always came naturally to Jazmin, but never something she saw as a long-term career. When she was younger, her parents would take her out to Los Angeles on the weekends for auditions and eventually modelling became more of a weekend job for her. At 18, she was able to fully transition to modelling when she moved out to LA.

For nearly 10 years, Jazmin worked as a model and recalls the nearing end of her career as memorable. She had the opportunity to end her modelling career on a ‘high-note’ while being offered jobs she only dreamed of and had been travelling to some of the biggest destinations in the world for work. During this time, she graced the covers and was featured in magazines such as ELLE Magazine, Vogue, and Sports Illustrated.

Soon after, Jazmin moved up to San Francisco and it was there that she had the idea to start up her own line of activewear. As one with the creative mind of an entrepreneur, she had the idea to merge fashion, activewear, and sustainability.

Southern California native Jazmin Schmerber built the foundation of Equilibre based on her pursuit of knowledge, design and movement

“I had studied yoga teacher training in a very remote area in Thailand back in 2013. Ever since that experience, I have never abandoned my yoga practice and live a more mindful lifestyle. I wanted to bring the two things I knew the most, my experience as a model in the fashion industry, which allowed me to be surrounded by many creatives, and combine it with my love for wellbeing. That’s when I had the idea of starting Equilibre,” she says.

“Back then, around six years ago, the term and transformation of ‘athleisure’ was very new or non-existent. I thought it would be cool to create a brand that was more fashionable for the modern woman on-the-go. For women that don’t want to sacrifice their style or self-expression in their workout clothes.”

Keeping performance fabrics, exclusivity, sustainability, and quality in mind, Equilibre aims to deliver a fresh approach to activewear with pieces that move with you. Balancing fashion and function in a collection that produces beautiful frameworks for authentic self-expression, Equilibre moves you into endless possibilities.

Although the brand launched at the end of last summer, Jazmin recounts all the time barriers it took to execute due to Covid-19, delayed production process, and her entering motherhood. A blessing in disguise, Jazmin is grateful for these unforeseen events as she has been able to combine another field that has always interested her, the tech and digital world. While once afraid she was launching her athletic brand a bit too late, Jazmin has been able to enter the digital market with a blank canvas and fresh perspective.

Keeping performance fabrics, exclusivity, sustainability, and quality in mind, Equilibre aims to deliver a fresh approach to activewear with pieces that move with you. Image credit: Cristina Trayfors (@cristinatrayfors)

“I’m glad we launched when we did, because the future of fashion is digital. If I was a more established brand, it would be a lot more difficult to re-brand or convince our audience that we should step into digital. I see this as a big opportunity and gives me a fresh and exciting perspective that I haven’t felt in a long time. Fashion has always been an antiquated system in which seasons need to exist and with those seasons, deadlines. I hope other emerging brands will feel better about creating their own timelines too. I want Equilibre to be a ‘phygital’ activewear brand. One that supports you in both physical and digital worlds,” she says.

“I think athleisure has peaked, so the digital realm and our take on it is coming at the perfect time because we are a new brand entering a new market space. The rules haven’t been made and creativity is boundless.

Jazmin is now on her way to make waves in the digital realm as she continues to combine all fields that she finds success in: fashion, tech, and activewear. Last year in December, Jazmin had the opportunity to attend Miami Art Basel and collaborate with The Ohzone Inc, a company with 3DREAL patented technology that transforms real clothing into virtual fashion for the Metaverse as wearable NFTs. Together they were able to create designs and auction them off for charity.

Each garment is designed to celebrate the body and spirit. Image credit: Cristina Trayfors (@cristinatrayfors)

“Before I met Oh (co-founder of Oh Zone inc.), I had already been deep diving and researching digital fashion a lot more than I probably should’ve been, I guess law of attraction is real. I think of fashion as a sign of the times and a way to remember history. It reflects our current place in time as we evolve into a more digital society every day,” she explains.

“I have always felt like a futurist with a renaissance soul. I feel lucky to combine another layer to Equilibre and want to educate consumers while supporting the digital fashion community.”

As she continues to expand her brand and establish her name in this field, Jazmin hopes this isn’t her last start-up and hopes to one day help other start-ups reach their full potential. With her drive, talent, and vision for the future, there is no doubt Jazmin is on her way to being a notable name in the industry.