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How to choose the perfect men’s wedding ring

By LLM Reporters  |  July 21, 2021
mens wedding ring

Planning on tying the knot in 2021? If the big question has already been popped and the proposal has been accepted, then it’s time to get onto the fun stuff – and from planning the perfect big day to choosing the rings, there’s plenty to do in preparation.

Men’s wedding rings generally get a little less attention than women’s, largely because the choices are perceived to be more limited, but in actual fact, they come in a large number of designs and there is plenty of choice for anyone looking for something a little out of the ordinary.

Men’s rings differ from women’s in that they are bigger overall and comprise a wider band – but these are not the only features to take note of when choosing the ring you’ll have on your finger for life. We asked the experts over at KLENOTA Jewellery to share their top tips for choosing the perfect men’s wedding band to make the entire process smooth sailing – because with such a huge celebration to plan, one more task ticked off is certain to be a relief.

Buying your wedding ring is one of the biggest decisions you will make

To match, or not to match?

The first and most important question to ask yourself and your spouse-to-be is how important it is for you both for your rings to match. For some, it may be a foregone conclusion that the rings should be identical, perhaps just with a few added gemstones for the lady – while for others, individual rings to suit each partner’s style and tastes feel like the better way to go.

If you do choose to have identical or very similar rings, a woman’s engagement ring often acts as a guide when it comes to selecting the perfect design. As women tend to wear both rings on the same finger, it’s important for her wedding band to complement her engagement ring, and to fit perfectly under or around it.

If, on the other hand, you’d both rather choose your own unique rings, then an option is to choose a unifying element for both to tie them together in spite of their differences. This can be achieved by choosing the same colour of metal or the same finish for both – you’ll find some inspiration for such combinations among these wedding ring sets, which have been put together by some of the top jewellery designers on the block.

Metals that won’t let you down

When it comes to picking out wedding bands, quality counts – and choosing the right kind of metal is essential when choosing both women’s and men’s wedding rings. After all, this is one piece of jewellery that simply has to be able to stand the test of time, so ensuring that you opt for a quality metal that can withstand daily wear and tear will ensure that it lasts the distance.

Platinum is one of the most expensive options, but with good reason – it’s pristine, shiny, and will look just as perfect many years down the line. Whichever metal you decide to go for, rings in all variations of 14 ct gold are by far the most common. For men, white gold rings are currently the most sought-after, but yellow gold is a very traditional choice. Lately, we’ve also seen an increasing number of men opting for a more adventurous choice, with rose gold enjoying a moment – so if you’re not afraid to try something a little different, then it might just be for you.

Men’s rings differ from women’s in that they are bigger overall and comprise a wider band

The finishing touches

Even if you’re going for a classic design, it doesn’t mean that you’re limited to a plain gold ring with a smooth finish  – in fact, there are several unique styles and finishes that will ensure your ring feels truly your own. A matte texture might seem a little off the wall, but is becoming increasingly popular, with many men’s rings now featuring a combination of matte and high-shine finishes. To achieve this effect, the jewellery is treated with sandblasting to achieve a rougher feel – making it a perfect choice for those who have hands-on jobs as it can mask minor scratches and scuffs with ease.

Bespoke and unique

When you’re looking for a novel design, you have various options. Consider combining various finishes to make your rings more distinctive, or opt for a show-stopping black diamond or some other stone to create a bold and impactful men’s ring. Many couples also choose to have one another’s initials engraved on their rings in addition to the wedding date – but you can get really creative here and choose a message or symbols that mean something to you as a couple for a truly romantic and thoughtful set of wedding bands.

All imagery used in this article credit: KLENOTA