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How to touch up your makeup correctly in 7 steps

By LLM Reporters on 7th October 2019

Nobody likes reapplying a full face of makeup to look their best throughout their day but for most of us, keeping your makeup flawless from AM to PM can be a struggle. Factors such as oil, oxidation of makeup products and sweat all play a part in causing your makeup to look faded. But what if we told you that there is a way to refresh and revitalise your makeup without having to start all over? The experts at Glo Skin Beauty have whittled it down to 7 steps to correctly touch up your makeup and keep it looking fresh throughout the day.

1. Dab away excess oil from the skin

Oily skin is a big giveaway when it comes to faded looking makeup, so the first step to correctly touching up is removing any excess oil. The best way to mattify your skin is by carrying blotting papers in your purse. When you feel you skin beginning to get oily, all you have to do is take out a sheet and gently press against the oily areas to blot. By doing this you will refresh the foundation base too and avoid cakey looking makeup in the future.

Nobody likes reapplying a full face of makeup to look their best throughout their day but for most of us, keeping your makeup flawless from AM to PM can be a struggle

2. Apply a light amount of powder to the T-Zone

If you try to powder without blotting your skin first, the powder will latch onto the excess oils and create a cakey looking texture to the skin. However, powdering is essential for long lasting makeup that doesn’t melt or move around your face. After you’ve blotted and refreshed your base, apply a light dusting of powder to the T-Zone- where the skin tends to get oiler than the rest of the face. Not only will this leave you with a smooth, matte finish but it will give you that extra little bit of coverage to last you the rest of the day.

3. Reapply your lipstick

Throughout the day you will be eating and drinking which will naturally remove some of the colour on your lips. This can result in an uneven looking application and the leftover lipstick can appear clumped. Whilst you can reapply straight from the bullet for a quick top up, too many layers can make your lips appear dry and chapped. Therefore, the best way to reapply your lipstick is by carrying a small wipe and removing the old colour. As wipes can dry out your lips, apply a little bit of lip balm, wait for it to soak in then reapply your colour.

Keeping makeup fresh and fabulous at work can be tough

4. Touch up on your blush and highlighter levels

How many times a day do you touch your face without realising? Probably a lot. Unsurprisingly the heat from your hands can cause your makeup to melt, transfer and move from your face to your hands. Whilst this is a habit you should try your best to avoid, one of the main areas that will need a makeup touch up is the cheeks. Add colour and life back into the face by topping up on your blush and highlighter levels. For that extra sun kissed glow, swipe some of the blush colour across the nose.

5. Save your second coat of mascara for later

We all want the longest, fluffiest looking lashes but layering your mascara is not the way to achieve this look. Clumpy, spidery lashes are created by too many layers of mascara and should be avoided. For that extra lift, use an eyelash curler then apply a lash primer before your first coat of mascara. Save your second coat of mascara for later in order to rejuvenate your eye look. If this is not enough lift for you, consider false lashes which you don’t need to top up later!

makeup brushes
Sometimes your makeup needs to go from faded to fabulous in minutes

6. Keep a brow mascara at hand

Your brow makeup is also susceptible to smudging throughout the day, exposing the tiny gaps in between your eyebrow hairs. Your brows can also lose their shape due to unruly brow hairs, which can make your overall makeup look appear untidy. Having a brow mascara in your purse solves all these problems. Not only will it lock your brow hairs in place again, but it will top up that extra touch of colour to frame the face beautifully.

7. Re-blend your eyeshadow

So much can go wrong with eye makeup including mascara transferring, eyeliner smudging and unblended eyeshadow. Luckily, this can all be solved with a dual ended smoke and shader eyeshadow brush. With the fluffier end of the brush, simply blend your eyeshadow and any black smudges into a messy smoky eye look for the evening and with the smaller detail end, smudge your eyeliner to enhance this effortless eye look.