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It’s lashes everyone’s talking about this year and here are six ways to make yours longer

If you’re tired of battling with falsies or if a daily dose of mascara just isn’t cutting it anymore, an online beauty retailer has revealed tips for growing and maintaining longer eyelashes all year round.

The hair and beauty experts at leading online retailer have divulged their top tips for getting longer, stronger and healthier eyelashes without the need for any expensive or unnatural cosmetic procedures.

Eyelashes serve a number of functions, most of them protective. These short hairs shield the eye from dirt and dust, and the curved shape of both rows of eyelashes helps to slip sweat and foreign particles out of the eyes.

Additionally, eyelashes are a huge focus in the beauty community and are a crucial element in many beauty routines.

Joanne Dodds, from, said: “The beauty industry has never been more profitable, and the number of products on the market promising to make your lashes longer and thicker is quite frankly intimidating.

“Before splashing out on expensive treatments, try these simple solutions that will help grow your eyelashes and keep them looking thick, healthy and natural.”

Check your diet

Focus on eating foods rich in protein and vitamins like fish, eggs, beans and soy protein, which will help your eyelashes to grow. The vitamin B complex known as Biotin helps to create longer and healthier eyelashes and hair, or chow down on lots of salmon which is a great source of omega 3 fatty acids, helping to grow strong nails, shiny hair and long eyelashes.

Eyelashes serve a number of functions, most of them protective

Remove eye makeup

Letting makeup sit on your eyelashes for extended periods of time isn’t good for them and will end up clogging your eyelash follicles. Makeup, more than anything else, tends to cause eyelash loss and reduce your eyelid’s ability to regrow lashes, so it’s important to remove eye makeup gently and thoroughly before you go to sleep.

Avoid excessive eye rubbing

Periodic rubbing can loosen your lashes and cause them to fall out at a higher rate. In addition, this will add more dust and dirt to clog follicles and stunt growth. Instead, try massaging your eyelids gently with clean hands, and try not to rub too vigorously.

Apply oils to your lashes

Apply a thin coat of olive oil, castor oil or coconut oil to your lashes before you go to bed each night. This will help to measurably increase the volume, length, and curvature of your lashes with regular use.

Trim your eyelashes

This might seem counter-intuitive but it can really help! Just as you’re encouraged to get a hair trim every 6-8 weeks, trimming the very ends of your lashes every two to three months will stimulate the follicle of your eyelashes and make them grow faster, but do not attempt this by yourself without a specialist’s supervision.

Massage eyelids

Massaging the eyelid area near the lashes helps increase blood flow and circulation which will encourage your lashes to grow!