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Keeping time with Clomm: When luxury meets simplicity

clomm watches

Clomm, a boutique watch brand founded by British designer Gary Fidele, has been building a growing reputation for its minimalist, distinctive and timeless designs. With this in mind we thought it might be a good idea to see what all the fuss was about. Style and fasion expert Jake Daniels explains all.

The Clomm story originated in 2011 by English industrial designer Gary Fidele and his passion for vintage watches. The brand name hails from 12th Century Anglo Saxon language meaning “to grasp”, reflecting its English roots. What started as a side project to a career in design and engineering turned into a full time job and eventually a small company. Clomm’s debut collection, Terra Firma, was widely acclaimed in design circles for it’s minimalist aesthetic and unique use of natural natural wood and gemstone watch dials.

Clomm watches
Clomm was founded by British designer Gary Fidele in 2011

Timepieces inspired by nature

Having successfully used organic materials in their debut collection, this time Clomm seeks to display nature’s wonders on everyone’s wrists again, yet with more luxurious materials and finishes. Their new collection, dubbed Mundus, hails from the Latin word for “purity” and “universe”, reflecting the brand’s continued pursuit for simplicity and timeless beauty.

Three of the timepieces feature dials made of rare and much-sought-after natural gemstones – Tiger Eye, Lapis Lazuli and Snowflake Obsidian. The vibrant colours and intriguing patterns of each stone are magnified by the sapphire lens within the ultra-thin watch bezel, without the distraction of hour-markers or date window. For example, The Lapiz Lazuli dial’s ultramarine blue colour and gold pyrites resembles the midnight sky full of sparkling stars. The result is truly wearable art that dazzles with nature’s beauty. The gemstone models are produced in limited quantities and each piece is one of a kind.

When luxury meets simplicity

Clomm’s DNA is based on the belief that a timeless product should embody both subtle sophistication and timeless appeal. Clean geometric thin lines are accentuated throughout the body and the face. The 1mm bezel allows for the use of the largest dial possible, contrasting with the substantial 8mm case height.

Clomm watches
Clomm has been building a growing reputation for its minimalist, distinctive and timeless designs

Another minimalist highlight are the lugs, which are angled and slim-lined to just 2mm. A snap case back is used to complete the seamless styling identity. The dial is uncluttered, displaying slim hands and hour-markers in contrasting colours and finishes and date window. The Mundus timepieces feature a 3 Jewel, Swiss Made ETA F05 movement, domed sapphire crystal lens, Italian calf leather strap and 23 carat gold and rhodium plating which is mirror polished from case to buckle. The unique plating creates a bright and reflective timepiece that radiates luxury with every movement of the wrist. Each timepiece comes with a hand made genuine leather and suede case,

Overall the new Mundus collection embodies contemporary English design and continues the brands ethos of refined simplicity.

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