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Lato Impero: The new Dutch watchmaker on the block set to disrupt the luxury market in 2020

By Melanie Kruger  |  December 23, 2019
lato impero white chrono black leather

At Luxury Lifestyle Magazine, we’re firm believers that every man should have at least one luxury timepiece in his repertoire. It’s an investment you’ll make for life, and is the gift that keeps on giving – completing your look in a way that exudes style and commands respect, as well as serving as a handy accessory to get you through the day without missing a beat.

From black tie occasions to yachting events, the perfect wristwatch will see you through a variety of occasions – but if you’re over the usual contenders and want to add something a little more original to your collection, then Lato Impero could be just the ticket.

Sharing many of the same core characteristics of the timepieces produced by the world’s leading watch manufacturers, this impressive brand also offers something different, and the cutting-edge approach you’d expect from a company unburdened by the weight of tradition is something that shows.

lato impero white chrono brown leather
The brand was born from a desire to create a quality line of timepieces that every man would be proud to wear

This burgeoning new challenger brand is little more than a year old – but its ambition to be up there with the best watchmaking brands in the business is apparent. And, if you take it from us, they are well on the way to becoming a bona-fide challenger. Back in 2018, in the city of Groningen, the brand was born from a desire to create a quality line of timepieces that every man would be proud to wear – featuring all of the elements of a great watch whilst offering something modern and up-to-the-minute too.

“Very carefully a checklist was made of all of the criteria a quality watch must meet. Many of the fashion watches on the market today are made from low quality parts and materials, which despite wanting to bring something modern to the table, wasn’t an option for bringing our vision to life,” says Emiel, founder at Lato Impero.

“A search for a manufacturer who could make the kind of watches me had in mind ensued, and today we work with an excellent one who is just as passionate about details as we are.”

The result? Impeccably made watches that are timeless in both aesthetics and construction. Featuring modern designs that look the part, these timepieces are also built to last – making them a great investment for the future, and one that is guaranteed to stand the test of time.

Looking the part

lato impero 3 watches
Lato Impero offer impeccably made watches that are timeless in both aesthetics and construction

So, just what is so special about the way Lato Impero’s watches are made – and do they measure up to the industry’s long-time front-runners? Suffice it to say that this flourishing new brand is up there with the best of them.

Featuring sapphire-coated, hardened glass for superior scratch resistance, Lato Impero’s watch cases are made from 316L stainless steel to ensure durability. They are also water-resistant and waterproof in depths up to 50m, making them the perfect choice for active types including those who enjoy watersports.

The famous Japanese Miyota Quartz movement makes watches reliable and ensures they are forever on time – and, with beautiful, 100% premium leather straps for high-comfort, it’s safe to say that all bases are covered.

The painstaking attention to detail needs to be seen to be believed, particularly when you consider the technical elements taking place beneath the timepiece’s sleek surface. All watches come with a two-year warranty, too – giving buyers added confidence.

What this all means, in practice, is that the Lato Impero collection effortlessly holds its own alongside its competitors in the luxury wristwatch market – whilst also offering something that is up-to-the-minute in the fashion stakes, too.

“A high-quality watch has at least a hard watch glass with sapphire coated. With sapphire, the glass remains scratch-free and clear after frequent use. Soft mineral glass and crystal glass is the choice for an average, inexpensive watch, so when choosing a luxury timepiece, they should be avoided at all costs,” says Emiel.

All the right moves

lato impero blue chrono black leather
Lato Impero’s watches feature sapphire-coated, hardened glass for superior scratch resistance

Watches can feature a quartz or a certified mechanical movement. The difference, in short, is that quartz watches are watches with a battery, whilst a mechanical watch must be wound manually. The biggest advantage of a quartz watch is that fewer moving parts are needed and makes it more accurate.

Although Swiss, Japanese and German timepieces have the best reputation, for both automatic and quartz movements, despite leading the industry in innovation, they are not alone. This is where Lato Impero differs, having opted instead for the Japanese timepiece Miyota – a brand that has proven itself over time. One of the most used quartz movements in the world, Miyota is known for being reliable and very accurate.

Iconic style

lato impero blue chrono brown leather
The brand’s mission is to “give every man an opportunity to express himself through style by creating stunning products that are modern, reliable and impeccably well made.”

“Our first collection watches is made for everyday use and for the ambitious, modern man. All watches have a scratch-resistant glass and a comfortable leather strap. With the “Chrono” watch you can express your own style – it comes in six different options, with a variety of colourways to choose from. Buyers can opt for a black or brown leather strap, or faces in black, white and blue,” says Emiel.

“Our mission is to give every man an opportunity to express himself through style by creating stunning products that are modern, reliable and impeccably well made. We encourage you to be confident, adventurous and strong – the key traits of every great man.”

So, if you’re looking to bring some unique status to your luxury timepiece collection, look no further – because the Lato Impero Chrono is set to make some impressive strides within the industry in 2020. Investing now could be the best thing you ever do – after all, it could well be the next big name in the elite wristwatch market. There’s no time to waste!