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Lauren Ross Designs

Lauren Ross Designs: Where art meets luxury

By Melanie Kruger on 8th September 2021

When placing the finishing touches on a luxury home or a glamorous designer outfit, the devil is in the detail – and adding a unique and thoroughly sophisticated touch that is as expressive as it is beautiful can make all the difference to what might otherwise be a rather understated affair.

From one-of-a-kind paintings to one-off silk scarves, those with an eye for design know just what it takes to achieve the desired effect, and when it comes to the pursuit of perfection, money is simply no object.

Complete luxury lifestyle brand Lauren Ross Designs knows all too well the importance of individuality and expression, and from artworks to fashion garments and high-end homeware, founder Lauren Ross has gone all in when it comes to helping luxury-seeking high-net-worth individuals lay their hands on the very finest products money can buy.

Lauren Ross Designs art on wall
Lauren Ross Design was created to fill a need in the art and luxury goods industry

Art is at the heart and soul of the luxury lifestyle product company, which was created to fill a gap in the market and is based on intricately designed paintings that tell stories and start intriguing conversations.

Based on unique paintings created by Lauren herself, each is crafted with symbolism and esoteric meanings that can take time to unravel – one of the many reasons they have become so highly sought-after within wealthy circles of art, fashion and design enthusiasts.

“Each painting is rare and unique, and all designed to tell a story through abstract symbolism,” Lauren explains.

“It is these works of art that form the basis for creating a range of different luxury products – for example, the silk scarf designs. I also create one-of-a-kind images for the wallets, clutches and homeware which are pulled from photography that inspires me. Even the lipstick colours are created from colours found within the paintings.

“And every product has a story to be told, a history to be revealed.”

Lauren Ross Design
The Lauren Ross Design woman is a strong woman who embraces and shapes the future of luxury fashion and art

Such is the individuality of each piece that these lavish items are fast being noticed by collectors who have recognised their potential as investments for the future, too – whether to turn a profit later down the line or to pass down through the generations as prized family heirlooms. Either way, it seems that any one of them would be hard to let go of, with a certain level of glamour and beauty it feels almost impossible not to get attached to.

They certainly get people talking for all the right reasons, too, serving as a conversation starter for those eager to unearth their meanings and get to the very root of their significance.

Lauren says: “In addition to the products themselves, every painting is available for sale as an archival canvas wrap or archival print. The vast photography section is very unique in that each image has been pulled from smaller sections found within my paintings, almost like breaking apart a puzzle.”

Lauren Ross Designs Cryptography scarf
The Cryptography scarf is crafted from 100% silk

And it’s clear that Lauren pours her heart and soul into creating each and every one.

Lauren’s affinity with art goes back a long way. With a background that saw her immerse herself in art and luxury fashion, her formative years growing up in the countryside developed her passion and keen eye for creating art in all forms. She went on to study at some of the most elite fashion academies, including the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC and Polimoda in Florence Italy, and after traveling Italy and Europe for a year, she became increasingly certain that her calling was in the luxury space.

Later going on to work with Saks Fifth Avenue in NYC in planning and buying, she continued on this trajectory for over a decade, working with the various iconic luxury brands under LVMH and Kering. After years of creating strategies, financial plans and fine tuning her craft, she felt the time was right to step away and into the unknown, and it was then that Lauren Ross Design was born.

Lauren Ross Designs lipstick
The brand appeals to high-net-worth individuals who live a global lifestyle

Lauren explains: “For me, the epitome of a lifestyle brand is when the core DNA is the artwork. The goal of Lauren Ross Design is to give birth to art and then to allow that artwork to create luxury lifestyle products, and to at all times is to give our clients excitement, inspiration, a sense of wonder, and those all-important conversation starters.

“I see life as a form of art from paintings, photography, sculptures, music, fashion, writing, math, science, astronomy, architecture, physics, it all beautifully blends together. Life is Art”.

The motto “Life is Art” stems from Lauren’s personal truth that everything from paintings to luxury fashion, beauty, and homeware comes from art – and when it comes to her own collection, it certainly rings true. It is the essence of everything Lauren creates, and has allowed her to fuse two of her greatest passions in life to bring something truly unique to the table, with the brand transforming luxury abodes across the country and beyond with its unique and highly sought-after wares.

Lauren Ross Designs plates and cups
Every product has a story to be told, a history to be revealed

From the beginning, the brand had a clear target market in mind, and it is clear that Lauren knows her customers inside out.

“The Lauren Ross Design woman is a strong woman who embraces and shapes the future of luxury fashion and art,” says Lauren. “She is bold, daring, a mover and shaker – and makes no apologies for her fierce posture, refusing to live in the past. She dances and paves her own path.”

Appealing to high-net-worth individuals who live a global lifestyle, it appears the company is going from strength to strength – and here at LLM, we can’t wait to see what Lauren has in store for us next.