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Let facial exercise coach Carme Farre put your best face forward

Carme Farre

Words by Korean beauty blogger Vicky Lee.

As a self-professed fitness fanatic, I regularly exercise my body to keep it toned and healthy, but it had never occurred to me to do the same for my face. This all changed lately as I’ve noticed many of my favorite bloggers as well as friends starting to introduce facial exercises into their skincare routine.

Facial exercises are becoming increasingly popular because they extend the de-aging and toning benefits of a body workout to the face as well. We all go to the gym to work out our bodies and tone the muscles in our arms, bums and legs because toned muscles provide the appearance of a more youthful look. But what about our face and neck? Well, just as with the other parts of your body, your face contains a grid of over 50 interlocking muscles, which should also be exercised using very targeted and specific techniques.

Needless to say, I immediately booked a few sessions with Carme Farre, a facial exercise coach in Notting Hill, London. The exercises Carme teaches tone and strengthen the muscles in the face and neck. As the underlying muscles strengthen and increase in volume, filling in hollow and saggy areas, the face assumes a fuller and younger-looking appearance.

vicky lee
Beauty blogger Vicky Lee is a big fan of facial exercise

For example, working out and strengthening your upper eyelids without lifting up and moving your forehead helps to avoid fine lines in this delicate area. If you’re worried about developing fine lines on your forehead or would like to diminish their appearance, this exercise is an effective and non-invasive natural alternative to Botox. (

According to Carme, facial exercises are a holistic alternative to invasive procedures and fillers, such as Botox and plastic surgery, to improve the look of your face as you get older. Unlike plastic surgery, facial exercises aren’t painful, don’t paralyse the face in unnatural poses if not performed correctly, and cost considerably less.

For all these reasons, facial exercises are an essential addition to any anti-aging regime. To stave off the effects of aging, Carme also stresses the importance of a proper restful sleep each night and a healthy diet that’s high in chicken, fish, fruits and vegetables and low in processed and fast foods, particularly sugar-rich foods.

In addition, it is recommended to use organic moisturisers to maintain the elasticity of the skin as well as moderate but consistent exercise, such as running, cycling, or swimming, to help tone the other parts of your body and help reduce stress.

What’s more luxurious than a healthier mind, face and body, both of which can be achieved naturally with simple exercises, proper technique and a small amount of time?