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Life is all about balance especially with 58 Lifestyle

58 Lifestyle

Close your eyes and when you imagine comfort, calmness and serenity, what are you instinctively drawn to? For me it’s about home; my place of zen. It evokes happy memories and a certain spiritual ambiance, most probably brought on by our religious deities and the number of candles we like to light. Our home is a home that seeks to provide happiness and tranquillity. Naturally I am drawn to lifestyle and beauty that can conjure these same sentiments, so when I came across the brand 58 Lifestyle I was nothing short of intrigued and thrilled.

I was fortunate to meet the founder and CEO of the brand, Michal Cohen-Sagi. For her, what started out as a corporate career, eventually shifted to something that she considered more meaningful. Seeing how time was so precious with the joy of her life, her son, she didn’t want it to just pass by with every hour dedicated to work. She wanted to focus more on her and her family’s wellbeing and delved into a journey of self-discovery. With this she created 58 Lifestyle, a brand that seeks to reduce the ‘synthetic living and instant gratification’ that often comes with the world that we live in, and instead ‘offer a purer, natural solution which is both sustainable and nourishing for the body and soul.’

All I could say was ‘Hallelujah!’ Finally, a beauty wellbeing brand that can identify truly with what works for the mind, body and soul without all the frills that are often associated with some brands that are more mainstream. As the name suggests, it’s all about finding that balance in life and to encourage this journey, 58 Lifestyle has created products to make you feel comforted, at peace and to have a perpetual and an unconditional warmth surrounding you. Their products even coincide with their wellbeing centre located in London’s Bond Street, where clients receive 58 Lifestyle’s coveted 360-degree therapy sessions, which range from nutritional advice to relaxing the mind.

While I was kindly given a variety of products to trial and where all have lived up to their positive expectation, I wanted to talk specifically about two: the Balancing Body Cream and the Balancing Aroma Oil.

Balancing Body Cream (£39.00)

58 body cream

Like many, my skin gets extremely dry and sensitive over the winter period; often, it’s my arms and legs that suffer the awful chapped patches. Occasionally this dry spell can follow into even the Spring and Summer periods; it’s just how my skin wants to be. Thus, I was looking for a body cream that wasn’t so rich that it would feel heavy on my skin in the warmer months, but equally emollient enough to feel like my skin was being moisturised and nourished in the colder months. Coincidently the very basis for a lot of 58 Lifestyle’s products focuses on the needs of skin and what works for the skin. There is a clear understanding of how stresses of life and our everyday environment can have a detrimental effect on the condition of our skin and therefore it’s important to use products that are as natural as possible. The body cream has a warming and uplifting aroma that is not overpowering or heady. When you apply it, it blends seamlessly into the skin without leaving an oily residue and it instantly feels like you’ve had a spa treatment. The premise of this cream is to ensure that your skin is hydrated and moisturised with a variety of natural ingredients. I like to apply this after my shower; after cleaning your body generally, a lot of the oils that are part of the skin tend to get stripped away, and this body cream encourages those oils back. A sincere body cream that delivers on its promise.

Balancing Aroma Oil (£18.00)

Balancing Aroma Oil

Not to be used topically, but when used in a vaporiser or diffuser it’s really quite wonderful! The Balancing Aroma Oil, like with all the products, has Green Mandarin, Jasmine, Geranium, Coriander and Ylang Ylang as its top note scents. All the scents have been known to create a more uplifting and happy mood when inhaled and inspire a more positive approach to our lifestyles. Essentially, they are natural mood elevators and, as always with 58 Lifestyle, evoke a heightened sensory that only brings about contentment and a joyful solitude. Its intention is to bring about clarity, balance and harmony. For me I like to mix a few drops along with water into my diffuser, plug it in and let the scented vapour fill my room while I work. Honestly, you’ll be surprised at how much more focused, functioned and productive you are when you use this oil. It is without a doubt something I am now forever glued to! I use this at home and when I travel and it just gives me a sense of comfort; now when I close my eyes and allow all my other senses to be heightened, all I can do is lay back and smile. If something this simple and natural can help make you feel better about yourself and in general, I definitely know it’s worth investing in.

Allow 58 Lifestyle help encourage the balance we all need in our lives!

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