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Looking Razor Sharp: Groomed Guys Have Better Career Prospects

Top tips on getting an irritation-free wet shave

bluebeards revenge

Is a clean shaven face really the secret to career success? That seems to be the result of a new survey, where a whopping 90% of HR professionals said being well-groomed is more important than a firm handshake when it comes to a job interview.

“How you look has a direct impact on how you feel, your confidence and self-esteem,” said Mark Jeffries, business consultant, communications expert and author. “This is as true for guys actively seeking a job as it is for those who are currently employed and seek a competitive advantage. At the same time, seemingly small details, like a clean shave or a great-fitting – but not necessarily expensive suit- send important visual cues to others about your professionalism and confidence.”

Many will say that it’s unfair being judged on looks alone, but it’s a harsh reality in today’s competitive job and business market. Looking untidy sends a negative message to most employers that a candidate is lazy or simply doesn’t care. Being clean shaven has also been attributed to improved skin health and less wrinkles, and according to scientific research, much more attractive to the opposite sex.

Giving yourself a perfect wet shave may sound like an easy thing to do, but many men find it difficult, despite all the high-tech razors and shaving creams available to them. Many men end up with nicks, cuts, and razor burn.

Truefitt and Hill shaving products
Truefitt & Hill offer quality shaving products

So how do you get an irritation-free shave? We’ve enlisted the help of leading online retailer The Shaving Shack to ensure all our male readers get the best possible shave. And they believe they have boiled down the best way to get the perfect shave to three ideal steps: Prepare. Shave. Protect.


Take a hot shower, then wash your face with a mild face wash or scrub; preferably one for men or for your skin type. Next apply a decent pre-shave oil or cream like The Bluebeards Revenge, Proraso or Truefitt & Hill.


Lather up using a good quality shaving cream such as The Bluebeards Revenge, or another fine shaving cream preferably with a badger hair shaving brush to produce the best possible lather and lift the bristles from the face, allowing for a much better cutting angle for the razor blade.

goodfella safety razor
A safety razor like this Goodfella will help to give you a close shave

A good quality razor with a sharp blade, whether a safety razor or cartridge razor, is ideal to shave with. Shave first in the direction of hair growth, then across, then against.


Rinse all the remaining cream off the face, then rinse with cold water, closing the pores. Then apply a good quality post-shave balm, skin food, or toner to refresh and hydrate the skin. Next apply a thin coat of talcum powder to the shirt line area.

Following these steps should help you have a comfortable shave that will keep you smooth, good looking, and ready to accomplish the best in your career!

Watch how to achieve the perfect shave:

The Shaving Shack offers a no-nonsense range of top quality wet shaving, mens grooming and mens skincare products designed for Real Men, direct to your door.