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Maison Cruz Bueno Couture: The ultimate luxury in bespoke womenswear

Maison Cruz Bueno Couture

Words by leading fashion and beauty blogger Vicky Lee.

I firmly believe that luxury has nothing to do with buying expensive things or globetrotting around the globe on private jets; it’s a lifestyle, a way of living that focuses on finding beauty and comfort in everyday life to maximise feelings of personal well-being and freedom. For example, a custom couture creation is more than just a piece of fabric elegantly stitched together: it’s a work of art that embodies aspects of your own personality, which is why it brings about the best in yourself – both inside and out – every time you wear it.

Couture fashion designers are artists in every sense of the word: they’re masters in the art of sewing, perfectly understanding the forms and measurements of a woman’s body and are able to capture the very soul of their clients in creations they can wear forever – timeless effect. The most talented couture fashion designer I’ve had the pleasure to meet is, without a shadow of a doubt, Lucas Cruz Bueno. The Portuguese designer started his career in the fashion biz by sewing his own clothes for his dancing performances – he is a trained ballet and contemporary dancer. 

Maison Cruz Bueno Couture

Although dancing will always be one of Cruz’s passions, it soon became clear that couture fashion was his true calling: mesmerised by his self-taught fashion talents, other dance companies began asking him to design their own costumes. Now, Cruz Bueno – and yes, always in capital letters – is the ultimate luxury in bespoke womenswear for the elite: his designs are exclusively available in his Mayfair Showroom via private appointment only.

I headed there for the first time one sunny summer morning to commission a jumpsuit for the Cartier In Motion gala event and have been a loyal customer ever since. I chose Cruz Bueno Couture because his designs speak to me in a way no other designer did before: Cruz’s work is highly influenced by his background in the dance industry, particularly the freedom of expression through movement this ancient art embodies. A free spirit myself, freedom of movement and of expression are both extremely important to me: any custom creation I commission must absolutely possess these traits.

Maison Cruz Bueno Couture

Another clear influence in Cruz’s work is his passion for Greek mythology and the goddesses that populate it: the designer often adapts the flowy silhouettes worn by the female inhabitants of Mount Olympus for modern women. His beautiful creations then come to life in his Mayfair Showroom under the expert hands of passionate and talented artisans that craft them by hand in their London Atelier. Most importantly, these creations are unique: all Cruz Bueno Couture designs are strictly limited edition and made-to-measure to your specific measurements and requirements. When you come away from the showroom, you’re absolutely guaranteed to have a unique piece that makes you feel like a modern Grecian goddess.

As soon as I stepped into Cruz Bueno’s Mayfair showroom, I was greeted by the designer and his staff with big smiles and a glass of champagne. The showroom itself is small but exquisite – the atmosphere is one of the utmost relaxation and privacy. I love these visits because the consultations are delivered in such a friendly, but professional, manner. I tell Cruz about the events I plan to attend and, taking into consideration my shape, personal tastes and the selected occasion, he recommends pieces that enhance my body and make me feel truly special.

Maison Cruz Bueno Couture

The first piece Bueno designed for me was a tailored jumpsuit with black lapels in a sparkling navy hue for the Cartier In Motion event. Since then I’ve also commissioned a three piece cream tweed suit for my most important business meeting. The pencil skirt gives the look a professional vibe, which is then softened by the tweed bra that peeks through the deep V-neck of the matching jacket – heavily embroidered and encrusted in crystals, pearls and feathers. It’s the perfect power suit for a lady boss, giving me all the confidence I need to enter the meeting room confidently and leave a lasting, winning impression.

The last Cruz Bueno Couture piece in my collection (for now!) is a see-through, flesh-coloured lace shift dress that comes with its own flowing shawl. I arrange the shawl around my body in a way that hides or exposes more areas of skin, depending on how the mood hits me. I like to have the freedom to play with this creation and express the way I feel in any given moment.

Maison Cruz Bueno Couture

Cruz Bueno is one of those designers that never fails to amaze me. No wonder he’s already hailed as the heir to Chanel!