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Pure, organic and naturally sublime skincare line CHIC by DMO launches with luxury in the detail


There are few better moments in the week than the ones we take for ourselves, and for many, that means lighting a beautifully scented candle, luxuriating for a few hours in a long, hot bath or pampering with blissful body creams and elixirs to make ourselves feel brand new.

These days, we’re choosier about the products we use for such pursuits than ever before, paying more attention to the ingredients they contain and where they were sourced from and taking more care about those we allow into contact with our skin. Despite the variety of high-end brands lining the shelves of your favourite beauty emporium, it can often be difficult to find exactly what you want – particularly if that’s a product that comprises all natural, organic ingredients and eschews the common chemical nasties we have all grown wary of – all without compromising on that luxurious feel.


One brand that has managed to do just that, however, is the newly launched CHIC by DMO, offering pure indulgence with its line of dreamy skincare and bodycare products. Not only do they look, smell and feel amazing on the skin, but they are also made entirely from quality natural and organic ingredients, including pure, natural plant oils – making them the perfect partners for your Sunday afternoon R&R.

CHIC by DMO is a blissful collection of body butters, scrubs and even a soothing massage candle, inspired by the concept of ‘luxury in a detail’.

“The brand is developed on my concept of luxury in a detail. I believe in the power of inner passion and its drive on creativity,” explains founder Dorothy Majcher-Owsiana.


“These are my two secret ingredients and I have crafted a line of unique, bespoke products with this belief at its heart. Whether it’s a home decor detail or any personal use luxury product, doesn’t our mood pretty much revolve around the small and the beautiful? It was from this idea that CHIC by DMO and its luxurious, natural range of beautiful organic skincare products was born.”

It certainly sounds like CHIC has managed to combine all the best bits of great skincare into its range, which launched to great fanfare just this June and has been proving a popular choice amongst luxury beauty lovers ever since. Not only do the products do exactly what they say on the tin, but they are beautifully packaged, too – ensuring they look fabulous sitting on your bathroom shelf, and almost – almost – too good to use.

Everyone knows that a good relaxation session starts with setting the mood, and the brand’s soothing sandalwood-scented massage candle is exactly what you need to get things moving in the right direction. Helping to create that serene sanctuary in the comfort of your own home, this restful offering is made from soy and palm wax, which slowly release their fragrance to subtly scent your space with the essence of calm and wellbeing. Creating the perfect backdrop for some quiet meditation or a relaxing massage, it’s sheer indulgence at its best.

It’s not often that we have the time to truly pamper ourselves from head to toe, but when we do, it pays to do it in style. As summer tans begin to fade and the cooler weather eventually inevitably begins to take its toll, skin can often become dry and flaky – so what better than a good exfoliation session to give you the fresh start you need?

“The CHIC by DMO body scrubs – which come in green tea and coffee scents – are all you need to create the foundations for healthy, glowing skin,” says Dorothy. “They work to gently slough away dead skin cells to reveal the bright, fresh and silky new skin beneath, and a sumptuous mix of virgin plant oil and butter means that they glide across the skin with ease – they are gentle, lightweight scrubs that use the goodness of natural and organic ingredients to bring your skin back to life.”

“The coffee scent, in particular, is great for reducing the appearance of cellulite and evening out skin tone, too. Caffeine has been shown to have this effect on the skin, and it’s a great added benefit.”

Sounds good to us. But the real challenge, of course, is keeping that new skin at its best – so enter, the nourishing and hydrating CHIC by DMO butter bars, which are arguably the biggest treat of all.

Dorothy adds: “Our butter bars nourish dry skin with a luxurious, moisturising elixir, and come in a choice of four fragrances, including citrusy-sweet chocolate and orange, exotic coconut, tart grape and fresh green tea. Each creamy bar is infused with nourishing almond oil, which gently works to unclog pores as it hydrates. Meanwhile, anti-oxidant-rich vitamin E is on hand to protect skin from free radicals and fight the signs of aging, while beeswax soothes and softens the skin.

“Thanks to their rich consistency, the butter bars are more than just a nourishing and luxurious treat for the skin, and due to their pure and nutritious ingredients, they are also an incredible natural remedy. With regular use, they can help to treat the likes of common ailments including eczema, acne and dryness, as well as cuts, bites, burns and cracked heels – making them a bit of a secret weapon, and a must for any bathroom.”


The full CHIC by DMO range was launched on 19th June this year, and has become immensely popular amongst London’s West End high profile clientele since. In fact, it has been causing such a stir that it was also shortlisted for this year’s Beauty Awards in the category for the best natural product – a strong start for this exciting new brand. CHIC by DMO is a brand to watch in 2018 and beyond – and is set to become a luxury bathroom staple you won’t want to be without.