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Review: Beauty expert Lauren Naylor tests out QMS Medi Cosmetics


The skincare market is undoubtedly saturated with many high-end beauty brands, but none that I’ve consistently stayed loyal to – (mainly because of my bank balance).

When the results are instant, and the products leave your skin juicier and plump – it’s hard not to become a devotee, however hard it hits your credit card!

QMS MediCosmetics was founded by trauma surgeon Dr. Erich Schulte in 1986; he became involved in researching wound healing, and at that time surgery could reconstruct the shape of the face/body, but then the skin remained scarred and damaged.

He discovered that by topically re-introducing collagen to the skin would help with elasticity, skin quality and appearance and it is these serums I slather on my skin day and night to help with collagen synthesis while I snooze.

Collagen is the building block of bouncy skin and pretty much dips rapidly with age, and when the levels start to deplete (after 30), we produce around 70 percent of what we did in our 20’s – I’ll spare you the stats for the ’40s and ’50s.

Since launching in 1986 Dr. Erich Schulte, founder of QMS Medicosmetics has revolutionized the way we treat and care for our skin

Dr. Schulte’s brainchild products are born in the form of The Collagen System­, £199, a combination of day and night collagen serums with three different molecular weight hyaluronic acids (nature’s own water magnet), all of which contain 70% of the Neotec A15 which is the complex of Collagen, 3x Hyaluronic and Matrixl 3000) and can be used over the face, neck, and eyes and work from the lower levels up to the surface. These products became the foundation of QMS’s success and are renowned as one of the most iconic innovations in the beauty sector.

In this trio you’ll also find a very gentle exfoliating fluid with fruit acids and enzymes, a chemical exfoliant to help stimulate new cell production. This active exfoliant can be also be taken up to the fine lines around the eyes and will help with puffiness.

These serums continue to be the hero products in the range; (the set have the clinical trials) they’re clinically proven to reduce signs of ageing by 42 percent in just 12 weeks and improve elasticity by 28 percent.

This skincare brand’s products speak for themselves and are in no way prolific in terms of advertising as many other luxury brands are. If you’re an avid shopper at Liberty’s London, you may be familiar with the facials or the product collection in the beauty hall.

In Germany, QMS is rumoured to outsell Creme de la Mer and La Prairie, and is stocked in over 600 locations worldwide including iconic buildings such as the Burj Khalifa Spa. Any close friends and followers of mine know that I’ll never consistently speak about a product, I’ll often recommend high street bargains and the latest miracle cure has never taken me, I’ll only tell someone to spend their hard earned cash if I genuinely believe it’ll make a difference.

Dr. Erich Schulte combined his passion for science with his vast experience whilst working as a surgeon in the fields of trauma and cosmetic surgery, to continually evolve the effectiveness of skincare

QMS Medicosmetics has recently rebranded all their products, showing corporate responsibility through reducing waste and preventing excessive packaging by up to 50 percent on some products, making their cartons smaller so that they fit the exact size of their bottles.

They’re also contributing to a German scheme which supports the costs of material recycling and works on improving sustainable beauty packaging.

One of the hero products for me is the Epigen Pollution Mask, £69, which comes in the form of a mousse, and the child in me delights in smooshing the fabulously bouncy texture deep into the layers of my skin after the night collagen serum.

If you want to wake up with brighter even and clear skin, Epigen fights all those external aggressors such as pollution and UV light to give skin more clarity, a firmer appearance and helps increase the skin’s resistance to stress.

Epigen Pollution Mask
Lauren Naylor, LLM resident beauty expert, is a big advocate of the Epigen Pollution Mask

Alternatively, if you are unsure what products are the most efficacious for your skin type, I’d highly recommend trying one of the QMS facials in Liberty’s, they are ‘ready to wear,’ and all the therapists are so knowledgable in their field.

Rowan Hall-Farisse is the head educator for the brand; sadly it’ll be highly unlikely you’ll ever get the chance to feel her deft fingers massaging and kneading your face, as she’s always jet-setting all over the world to educate the masses on the benefits of the brand.

She has very fast become my go-to skin educational person, educating and nurturing, never patronising at the lack of my knowledge – and she’s always on hand to answer any concerns.

The QMS facials are like no other, and completely tailored to your needs, with components of blackhead removal, gentle AHA acid exfoliator, and my favourite part; the algae mask.

This particular mask is cooling on application and thick in texture as it’s smoothed gloopily over your face, it covers your eyes and mouth and is removed in one swoop as it rubberises on setting – not for the claustrophobic!

The advanced facial also uses 95 percent pure oxygen concentrate – an element that helps boost cell renewal and help with inflammation and helps to increase the skin’s vitality and radiance. An educational facial starts at £60 for 30 mins, an 02 Boost and Recharge Facial, £80, whereas a Skin-specific need (50mins) is £120.

Unlock the key to skin health with QMS Medi Cosmetics

This is money well spent and invested when you come out looking as plump and glowing as I did and I have never experienced a facial like it.

One of Dr. Schulte’s favourite sayings is ‘logic, not miracles, makes great skincare’.

He combines his passion for science with his vast experience as a surgeon in the fields of trauma and cosmetic surgery, and he sees the future of skincare as being intertwined with the development of modern technologies (such as the 02 element) used to transport ingredients deep into the epidermal layer.