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Review: HK London Salon, Chelsea in London

HK London Salon, Chelsea in London

My walk through the enchanting and scenic streets of Kensington and Chelsea was just a precursor to my one-of-a-kind hair salon experience at London’s HK London Hair Salon. Owned by the renowned celebrity and award-winning hairdresser Hakan Köse and one of London’s leading hairdressers, Mehmet Bozdal, HK London Hair Salon has become immensely popular in just its first year of opening. As some have suggested, this ‘hairdressing salon is being touted as the go-to destination for inspirational hairdressing.’

As I entered the salon it was wonderfully quiet with some of the clients part-way through their appointments and having pleasant conversations with their stylists. Sara was my stylist who would administer the Kérastase Resistance Extentioniste treatment; as soon as she walked in there was a sense of positivity about her, which I was instantly drawn to. As any good stylist would do, Sara sat me down before doing anything to get a sense of my hair condition. She reaffirmed the problems I have with my fine hair i.e. being prone to breakage and stated that the new Kérastase Resistance Extentioniste range would help to mend the bonds in my hair and increase the length and thickness.

HK London Salon, Chelsea in London
HK London Salon is located in upmarket Chelsea in London

Unlike other salons where the dynamic between myself and the stylist would often be awkward and silent, Sara put me at complete ease and made every effort to get to know me. As she was carrying out the start of the treatment with shampoo and conditioner, she gave me a full and detailed background about the salon itself and how Hakan and Mehmet were the hairdressers in Istanbul. Both men hold a full and envious client list from London, Turkey and around the globe because of their cutting-edge style and their overall creativity. What was refreshing above all else, was that both Hakan and Mehmet came to talk to me and gave their appreciation for me being there. This is something you rarely experience in a high-end London salon; most of the creative directors or owners of a salon like this, will tend to give their undivided attention to their private clients or not even be on the salon floor. Yet another way that HK London Salon is innovating the customer’s overall experience.

Following the wash sequence, Sara started to work on the Sérum Extentioniste element. This concentrated formula only needs to be added to areas of the scalp and then delicately massaged into the roots. Sara mentioned that she was also a healer and has been practicing for some years, and that this was also the case with Hakan. Having told her, that I am a follower of the ancient Indian principles and practice of Ayurveda and being spiritual myself, she enquired as to whether I would be interested in having the healing treatment. I told her absolutely! She played some Reiki music and as I closed my eyes, she began the healing process. I was in a complete state of meditation, so I didn’t even realise that Hakan had joined in too! After ten minutes I opened my eyes and I was instantly energised. Not only had the hair treatment soothed and cooled my hair and scalp, but the healing ritual helped me refocus and feel incredibly positive.

HK London Salon, Chelsea in London
The new Kérastase Resistance Extentioniste range is designed to help to mend the bonds in hair and increase the length and thickness

Sara went on to softly blow-dry my hair and create the so-called Turkish Blow-dry and, in the meantime, I was having delightful conversations with other members of the salon especially the third part-owner of the salon, Ayse. We discussed the plans for the salon and how the salon has created an atmosphere of cohesion and friendliness and how it’s now becoming a place where clients also come to relax, talk and feel more confident about themselves. She even encouraged me to try some Turkish tea, which I have to say, was delicately aromatic and immensely palatable.

Even after the treatment itself, I was taken around the entire salon; I was able to take a variety of images and Sara and Ayse also made time to take photos of my finished hair. I was then provided with all the products used in the treatment to take home as an at-home ritual, so that I could continue to substantiate the bonding process. Having done this for the last few weeks, I have seen less hair breakage and less loss of hair, which for me was something I had been trying to fix for some time.

The new Kérastase Resistance Extentioniste range is used and retailed at HK London Salon

What should have been a treatment that would last half an hour, became a true and exceptional salon experience. I was given the utmost respect, like any customer or client should be given, and more. It wasn’t a case of sycophantic conversation or attention, it was a genuine love and passion for the work they do and the people they help. For a treatment that would typically be priced between £15-£25, my time at HK London Salon was priceless.

If you wish to purchase the range separately, the names and prices are listed below:

> Bain Extentioniste (Shampoo) £19.50
> Fondant Extentioniste (Conditioner) £23
> Masque Extentioniste (Hair Mask) £32
> Serum Extentioniste £49.50

Address: HK London Salon, 311 King’s Rd, Chelsea, London SW3 5EP / 020 3055 0055