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Review: New Life Aesthetics, Raynes Park in London

New Life Aesthetics, Rayne Park in London

I haven’t ever loved my skin. Admittedly, I haven’t ever suffered from acne, but as a teen I did get hormone spots on my chin whose scars still show when bare faced, all these years later.

Now 32, I have become fed up with always wearing make-up and being self-conscious of my skin. Not to mention the fine lines that are appearing around my eyes and nasal folds, that have admittedly got worse with age and with a toddler.

Determined to try and improve my complexion, I booked myself into the New Life Clinic in Raynes Park, London.

New Life Aesthetics, Rayne Park in London
New Life Aesthetics specialise in helping people to become the best version of themselves

This swish clinic is like walking into a calm oasis. It’s clean and on trend. The décor made me feel like I was walking into a spa, over a more invasive treatment.

I was introduced to Mo Ashraf, Mo has accomplished over twenty years in the aesthetics industry as well as having been one of the leaders in the fields of laser and collagen treatments in London, so I knew I was in good hands.

Mo took me into a pre-treatment room where we talked through my skin concerns. I explained about my scarring and how I wanted my dark circles to magically disappear. I suffer from megaloblastic anaemia and underactive thyroid, which Mo expertly informed me that this meant that I would naturally have darker circles – which was actually good to know, as I at least it means there is a reason for it, considering my little girl has pretty much always been a good sleeper.

New Life Aesthetics, Rayne Park in London
The company’s state-of-the-art clinic is based in Raynes Park, Wimbledon

After a lengthy discussion, Mo advised that the best treatment for me would be fractional laser followed by LED light therapy. Mo, I should add, looks amazing, healthy and glowing, what better person to advise me than someone who’s skin I’d love to have!

Fractional Laser Skin Rejuvenation is a highly specialised procedure, which uses a high-energy beam of light to purposefully damage small areas of tissue. During the treatment, lasers are directed through the top layer of skin, vaporising both the tissue and the water that resides there. Once the top layer is removed, so are very fine lines, which was music to my ears!

Before the treatment Mo gentle took off my make-up which felt like a mini-facial itself, then the treatment began. I was expecting it to hurt, but it didn’t and after a couple of times, I was completely used to the feeling. The only area where it was a little less comfortable was round the top of my lip, which Mo explained would be a bit uncomfortable and reassured me the whole time.

New Life Aesthetics, Rayne Park in London
Mo Ashraf has accomplished over twenty years in the aesthetics industry as well as having been one of the leaders in the fields of laser and collagen treatments in London

In total, Mo used a whopping 271 beams into my face. And then ended the treatment with a mix of red and green light therapy.

Following the light therapy Mo warned me that I was still a little red after the treatment which would go down within the hour. Of course, this affects everyone differently, and me being me, I was redder than most but within the hour I was back to my normal colour and looked as though I just had some colour in my cheeks. The following day, I massively noticed the difference to my skin, and for weeks after my husband complimented me on how good and plump my skin looked. I sleep on my left hand side and could considerably notice the difference in the lines around my eyes.

So, if like me, you haven’t been blessed with the world’s best skin, or, you’re just getting that bit older and need a little boost, then I couldn’t recommend New Life highly enough, it is utterly fantastic, and what’s more, you see results!

Address: 42, Coombe Lane, Raynes Park, London SW20 0LA