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Six accessories guaranteed to make your suit pop

We all know that a suit is undoubtedly the sharpest and smartest outfit any man can be attired in. When fitted correctly it ought to exemplify all of your best physical attributes and subtly hide any flaws. With the whole gamut of fabrics, colours and textures to pick from, it’s incredible that so many men choose to simply pick the most non-descript black or grey plain-looking option they can find. For individuals who like to live life to the fullest, today we will uncover six ways to ensure you always stand out from the crowd.

Set Yourself Apart With These Marks of Distinction

We all know that the devil’s in the details, and that’s certainly true of dressing well. A small, well-placed accessory can make any outfit transform from something ordinary into something extraordinary. Show off your best self with these five easy add-ons.

The pocket square has long been regarded as one of the most distinguished marks of a gentleman

1. Pocket Square

The pocket square has long been regarded as one of the most distinguished marks of a gentleman. Dating back far into antiquity – it’s believed the practice originated in ancient Egypt – the pocket square is the granddaddy of men’s accessorising. The number one rule when selecting a pocket square is that it should not under any circumstances match your tie completely. If the fabric is pattered then it should feature the secondary colour of your outfit or, for those who want to err on the side of caution, simply opt for a classic white linen square in a TV fold.

2. Statement Socks

Before we get started, let’s all be clear that statement socks are not the same as colourful socks. The latter sound more reminiscent of something novelty you might pull out of a Christmas stocking, while what we are focusing on is a clear yet subtle fashion item. A strong red, cream, forest green or even an Argyle patterned sock can be the perfect accoutrement to your suited look. The important thing to remember is that if you intend to draw people’s attention to your feet, you ought to really make sure your trousers are definitely the right length and that your shoes are adequately cared for.

It goes without saying that the wristwatch has long been regarded as a staple of high-class men’s accessorising

3. Contrast collar shirt

The contrasting collar shirt, also known as the Winchester shirt, has a long history that stretches back centuries and has found fond followers in every era. In the 80s, a typical example would be a white collared shirt with thick bold blue and white stripes down the main body. As an embodiment of ‘power dressing’ the style quickly faded as time passed, but in more recent years the Winchester has seen a comeback in the form of pinstriped body panels in a subtle tone or even in deeper hues, such as ash grey.

4. Impressive watch

It goes without saying that the wristwatch has long been regarded as a staple of high-class men’s accessorising. Worn as a simple practicality or as a powerful statement, a watch is a great yet subtle means of displaying your taste and style. Whether you like to use the latest tech and gadgetry to sync all your emails and apps right to your cuff then there are all manner of smartwatches on the market that can do this and more, from Apple to Samsung. However, if you’re the type of man that prefers a touch of classic refinement, then one of these fine Panerai pieces could be for you, combining elegant Italian design with the historic art of Swiss watchmaking quality.

5. Interesting Cufflinks

There are times when wearing cufflinks is mandatory, such as formal and black tie events. On occasions such as this, it’s best to opt for a classic and understated design: formal dressing is not about demanding attention, therefore a pair of elegant silver or rose gold cufflinks will do the job. For those days, however, where you are looking to take your suited look to the next level, playing with cufflink design can be a great way to turn up the volume. Be wary of going for full novelty effect: instead, it’s best to pick either a noticeable colour or design and let that speak for itself.

There are times when wearing cufflinks is mandatory, such as formal and black tie events

6. Complementary Tie

The tie you wear can make a suit look classy, regal, quirky, or outright foolish. Consequently, think carefully about which of these outcomes you are hoping for before you begin picking one. As with all matters to do with dressing, it’s important to think about three things: colour, fabric, and pattern/texture. If you are wearing a plain dress shirt then you can be more adventurous with the type of tie you select, while a pattered shirt should not be in competition with an overly loud tie design. Using complementary colours is a good way to create a sharp visual effect but, as with the pocket square, try to always ensure there is a common colour running through the outfit to tie it together. Finally, if you are going to invest in quality ties, make sure you keep them in good condition. We outlined how best to care for silk neckties in this article.