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Skinfluencer: London’s new aesthetic clinic promising exclusive luxury treatments

By Naomi Chadderton  |  June 5, 2021
Skinfluencer treatments

As someone who has struggled with less than perfect skin throughout life, the news that a new aesthetics clinic had opened in the heart of west London was enough to have me rushing to book an appointment the minute lockdown was over. Having opened its doors on the prestigious Fulham Road in 2020, right before the onslaught of the pandemic, sadly Skinfluencer had to close as quickly as its opened, but now it’s back with a bang and already proving popular as the go-to skin and aesthetics destination for royalty and TV personalities alike. 

While the premise might be clinical, Skinfluencer is not your average skin clinic. Think Harley Street-results in a luxury spa setting, clients experience a concierge-like client journey in the most incredible boutique setting, and it’s even licensed if you fancy a glass of bubbles to take the edge off. Offering a menu of treatments that transform the structure of the skin through laser energy, technologies work by uniquely combining and layering energies from the best possible machines on the market, which are then coupled with advanced non-surgical aesthetic techniques.

Skinfluencer clinic in Fulham Road
Skinfluencer opened its doors on the prestigious Fulham Road in 2020

If you know your lasers, Skinfluencer is also the only clinic in the UK with both the Fotona Dynamis Pro and the Cutera Enlighten III machines too. If you don’t know your lasers, that’s the equivalent of owning both a Maserati and Ferrari respectively, and allows therapists to layer the technologies and ultimately get better results. 

You won’t find an airy-fairy approach to skincare here. As an Accredited Centre of Excellence for Rosacea, the visionary behind Skinfluencer, Sharin Shafer, only hires aestheticians who are global leaders in their field, all with a minimum of ten years’ experience and multiple post graduate or specialised training certifications in advanced techniques. There are even doctors on site should your clinician be unsure of a part of your treatment – however that’s highly unlikely. Just ask Gigi, the aesthetician who turned my skin from drab to fab in the space of 90 minutes, and who – although says she is almost 50, looks well south of 40. 

Woman showing off her skin
Skinfluencer is also the only clinic in the UK with both the Fotona Dynamis Pro and the Cutera Enlighten III machines.

My treatment began with an in-depth consultation with Gigi, where we discussed my concerns (rosacea, redness and sun damage), before she examined my skin through an Observ medical photography machine, which takes five images that delve down into the different layers of your skin. Be warned these certainly aren’t the most flattering of images (they won’t be ending up on Instagram, let’s just put it that way), but reveal everything from sun damage and fine lines to wrinkles, dehydration and acne.

Next it’s on to the luxe treatment rooms where Gigi came up with a plan to address all the areas of concern that popped up on the photography machine, which started with a gentle cleanse and patch test to ensure my skin didn’t react to the laser. Next it was time for the laser which, while not painful, does feel quite hot and prickly. However I was armed with a little hose that acted as a fan and was able to cool the burning sensation that came with it. An acid peel concluded the treatment, followed by moisturiser, a mini face massage and voila. 

Inside Skinfluencer
Skinfluencer protocols are backed by cutting edge science and technology, and supported by world class aesthetic doctors and therapists

Post-treatment, while my skin looked slightly sunburnt for a couple of days (and be warned, you will peel), four days later and it was the clearest it had ever been, with a refreshing glow that lasted at least a week. For optimum results, Gigi requested two further treatments to achieve the desired results, meaning make-up free skin is just a couple of months away. 

Keep in mind that the brand’s offerings don’t simply end with the face – think slimming treatments in its spacious Slimfluencer Suite plus more medical-based treatments for veins and benign lesions, Skinfluencer is most definitely worth a visit, whatever your complexion concern. 


Address: 307, Fulham Road, London, Chelsea; SW10 9QH