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Spring clean your beauty regime ‘naturally’ with ananné

ananné natural skincare

If the arrival of Spring finds you feeling tired, sluggish and in desperate need of some ‘TLC’ check out super natural skincare essentials from ananné, a new super natural Swiss skincare collection to help you detox, purify and refresh your beauty regime.

Long, cold winter months combined with a culmination of toxins found in many everyday beauty products can leave our skin feeling dry, irritated and lacking natural radiance. ananné comes to the rescue with a range of highly effective skincare essentials packed with powerful, plant-based actives to soothe, nourish and rebalance the skin whilst working with the skin’s natural renewal process to boost a firmer, brighter complexion.

Using a blend of only the finest and purest natural ingredients derived exclusively from plants or of mineral origin and presented in elegant, fresh packaging, ananné sets new standards in the world of luxury skincare.

Discover the secret to naturally radiant skin with ananné super natural skincare. Here are some of their key products for 2016.

LAVANTICUM Purifying Cleanser – £45 for 125ml
A luxuriously rich cream cleanser that gently and effectively purifies the skin by swiftly removing all traces of daily grime and impurities, even waterproof make up. Pure oils from borage seeds, reship and sea buckthorn deeply nourish and protect whilst powerful extracts of centella asiatica, carrageenan moss, brown algae and papaya leaf nurture and rebalance the skin.

Discover the secret to naturally radiant skin with ananné super natural skincare
Discover the secret to naturally radiant skin with ananné super natural skincare

EXFOLIANT Gentle Scrub – £60 for 125ml
EXFOLIANT Gentle Scrub contains ultra fine, biodegradable bamboo crystals which gently exfoliate and stimulate the skin for improved radiance. Pure oils from plum kernels, reship and borage seeds provide deep hydration whilst powerful extracts of precious algae, topped lavender and carrageenan moss smooth, invigorate and tighten the skin

TONICUM Toning Mist – £45 for 125ml
A refreshing and light, toning mist which effectively refines the pores and revitalises the skin to firm and brighten in preparation for the next step. It’s gentle toning and rebalancing properties are derived from active ingredients such as stimulating ginger and a combination of precious algae, buckbean and papaya leaf extracts.

EQUILIBRIUM Day Cream – £100 for 50ml
A light nourishing day cream to restore the skin’s natural balance and minimise fine lines and wrinkles. Pure oils from reship seeds, jojoba, sea buckthorn, tea tree and cape chestnut (yang) protect and nourish the skin leaving it soft, smooth and hydrated. Active ingredients from papaya leaf and extracts of centella asiatica compliment the formula to repair and support the skin’s natural regeneration process. Vitamin A, E and coenzyme Q10 refine the pores, minimise fine lines and wrinkles and revitalise the skin to promote luminosity and radiance.