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Sustainable sportswear: 3 ethical activewear brands to wear for your workouts

Looking for some designer sportswear? Take a closer look at these top three ethical luxury brands.

By LLM Reporters  |  May 26, 2022
Luxury sustainable sportswear brand

No matter where you fall in terms of a fitness and exercise category, there’s no denying that working out is a great way to improve your mental health and eradicate stresses. Alongside all the benefits that exercising can give you, purchasing a brand new selection of activewear will inspire and motivate you further to achieve your fitness goals.

From sustainable innovations to stylish designs, here are three incredible brands for you to consider when searching your your next set.



A visionary bio-sportswear company with societal relevance and environmental values. Led by an international team and Raphael Young, former design director at iconic fashion houses including Jil Sander, Off-WhiteTM and F_WD, and whose vision has always incorporated organic design and commitment to our environment.  

PUBLIC SERV-CE’s organic design emphasises form and function. It is coded in the brand’s DNA and triggers the consumer’s subconscious senses – by creating immediate visual comfort yet an edgy look. PUBLIC SERV-CE is challenging the industry through creating higher standards for eco-friendly smart materials and the factories that produce them. It is at the forefront of performant, comfort driven and eco- sustainable innovation. The apparel line uses traceable certified organic, biodegradable and recycled cotton as well as recycled polyamide, bamboo, hemp, lyocell and seacell.

The company is also, importantly, at the forefront of science and biotechnological innovations, introducing planet-friendly smart material treatments such as DynaMint, BioDry and BioSoft technologies to provide antibacterial, moisture-wicking, and ultra-soft feel functionalities to its products. The sneaker soles are 100 per cent made from recycled EVA, the laces created from banana leaves, and the outer fabric of the shoe is bio certified vegan leather made from bio-based renewable sources which reduce CO2 emissions.

PUBLIC SERV-CE believes that consumers should not have to choose between visionary design and sustainability – instead, it engineers pieces that are thoughtfully designed with both in mind. PUBLIC SERV-CE is creating a world where eco-consciousness, society, design, and innovation all coexist and move us on a progressive path towards a better future.  



Breathable, antibacterial, dyed at low temperatures and made with of recycled fibres. With the first GRS certified capsule collection, Armedangels is reaching a new milestone in the sparse use of resources, as a high proportion of recycled fibres also means a minimum of fresh resources. Soft and comfortable, the recycled sportswear adapts to all body types and becomes an indispensable product for everyday life. 

The ‘Mix and Match’ range comes in black, indigo, powder rose and rosemary green and includes short and long leggings with hidden pockets in the waistband, filigree as well as high-support sports bras, tops and classic longsleeves. Their GRS certified leggings and sports bras use 84 per cent recycled polyamide and 16 per cent elastane. The polyamide content is thereby 100 per cent recycled from production waste. 

The tops and shirts of their activewear are made with 62 per cent Tencel (biodegradable fibre derived from the regenerative raw material wood), 30 per cent organic cotton and eight per cent elastane. The loose fits guarantee freedom of movement, are breathable and, thanks to the material composition, they’re very flexible. The sports tops and long sleeves are also real winners in terms of sustainability when it comes to finishing: the finish with naturally clean technology increases the lifespan of the activewear by up to 20 per cent.

YY Nation

YY Nation footwear

YY Nation’s footwear is made using natural materials such as OEKE-TEK certified bamboo (a.k.a. the good stuff), pineapple husk leather, and algae and sugar cane soles – all of which makes end of life solutions simple.

Everything they take out of nature for their shoes they put right back in by growing and protecting indigenous forests. With their new shoe, the Nimbo, they have created the world’s lowest carbon footprint trainer. YY Nation does not compromise on performance and comfort – their goal is to make the most sustainable, comfortable, and stylish footwear on earth.