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The latest beauty and health trends


Pampering is absolutely essential if we want to look our best all day every day, and with brand new trends emerging frequently, it’s always easy to look a million dollars. From anti-aging light therapy to sildenafil tablets and teeth whitening kits to high-tech bleaching creams for our intimate areas, there is always a way to keep your beauty and health in the best condition possible. What’s wrong with spending money in order to look our best, after all?

Health and beauty expert Carol Smith takes a detailed look at four of the most popular health and beauty trends.


The beauty industry is raving left, right and centre about essential oils right now because of the amazing effects that they have on your skin. Even though aromatherapy used to be something of a myth, beauty-lovers now swear by it when feeling a little under the weather or in need of a revitalise. In fact, essential oils are fantastic for people with illness, with hospitals using a range of them to make patients feel more comfortable throughout treatment. Now, though, you can enjoy aromatherapy within the walls of your own home, with diffusers available for an average of $119. By using aromatherapy, you can see large improves in your skin and health, as well as your mood due to the calming effects that aromatherapy can have on you.

The beauty industry is raving left, right and centre about essential oils right now because of the amazing effects that they have on your skin

Laser Hair Removal

Sure, you can pay money for sessions at clinics for this service, but what if I told you it’s now available within the comfort of your own home? With some appliances costing around $450, the tools can be expensive, but it’s definitely worth it for the end result. Of course, the process isn’t instant, and you’ll have to use the laser hair removal tool on a daily basis to gradually see a change in hair growth. Beauty enthusiasts around the world are raving about this trend because of its convenience and results, so why not invest in one today? Just imagine it, the days of laborious shaving will be over and you can enjoy your summer holiday without the worry of any hairs peeping out. It sounds perfect to me.

3D Body Scanner

For those of you who take health very seriously, the 3D body scanner will be your new best friend. Scales, however, can be your worst enemy, with many being very inaccurate and not considering important weight factors such as body muscle. To optimise your fitness and health, it’s important to understand your BMI and be informed about what parts of your body are contributing to the weight. With the 3D body scanner, though, you can track body metrics, measurements, body fat percentages muscle growth and weight all separately. The scanner takes a 360 degree mirror image of your body and then calculates the different sections of your body and their contributions. By having this incredible gadget in your life, you can actually plan workouts and clean eating around the specific areas that need attention, making health and fitness much easier to manage.

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The Smart Mirror

The crucial secret to any perfect selfie is having perfect lighting. Without it, you’re doomed. However, how are you supposed to apply your make-up perfectly without the correct lighting? Well, the smart mirror can help with this, as it simulates natural sunlight, reassuring you that you’ll look fabulous when actually outside in the real world as opposed to under a yellow bedroom light. As well as this, the smart mirror also has an alarm system installed, preventing you from taking too long to get ready and allowing you to be on time to any event you’re getting ready for. Basically, you need this mirror in your life to perfect your beauty game.