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The right watch for the right occasion

By LLM Reporters on 28th June 2020

Any sartorial male will know that a show-stopping watch is the one and only way to finish off any well put-together outfit – and whether you’re heading to the boardroom or off to enjoy a romantic dinner for two, this simple accessory can make all the difference to how you look and feel, as well as how you are perceived.

A quality designer watch has the power to command the utmost respect from those around you, creating a first impression that lasts. But to get it right, it’s important to choose the right watch for the occasion. One size, in this case, does not fit all.

If you only have one timepiece in your collection so far, then it’s time to expand your options. Every man should have a variety of designer watches in his repertoire, but if you’re not sure where to start, we’ve got you covered.

Here at LLM – Luxury Lifestyle Magazine, we know our watches, so we’ve rounded up our top picks that promise to see you through every occasion in style. The only question left to ask yourself will be, “which one should I buy first?” The answer, of course, is all of them.

watch man
Any sartorial male will know that a show-stopping watch is the one and only way to finish off any well put-together outfit

The business meeting

Business meetings and interviews are two of the most important occasions when it comes to making the right impression, and from your shoes to your hair, not a mark will go unnoticed. Impress from the first handshake with a classic timepiece such as a vintage Rolex or Omega. Not only will it exude excellent taste, but high standards, too.

Our top choice? Rolex’s Paul Newman Daytona. This legendary chronograph oozes class, style and sophistication – and is guaranteed to never let you down.

The beach holiday

Think that a day at the beach means wearing nothing but a pair of shorts and some sun cream? Think again. Every well-dressed man should have a carefully chosen outfit for those sundowners at the bar – think a linen shirt, a pair of designer sunglasses and a great watch.

If you’re the active type and enjoy scuba diving, snorkelling, windsurfing or sailing, then a diving watch is a great daytime pick. recently wrote an article highlighting eight of the best – although here at LLM, we’re partial to the Seiko Prospex. Its unusual orange face is perfect for summertime, and it’s waterproof up to 200 metres.

man watch beach
Beach watches must be waterproof, functional, high-quality and comfortable

The first date

It can be tempting to pull out your flashiest watch for a first date, but be warned; this can be off-putting. To avoid coming across as obnoxious and ostentatious, opt for a slightly more pared down look with a classic dress watch, with a simple leather or plain metal band. Leaving that gold-plated Rolex on the shelf for now won’t just save you from making the wrong impression – it could well save you from the wrong type of date, too. Showing your wealth from the get go can be a risky tactic when it comes to love, so wait until you know them a little better to reveal all.

The Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar Chronograph 5970 watch is robust yet understated, making it the perfect partner for a simple yet sophisticated first date look.

The family occasion

Occasions like weddings and family dinners are the perfect opportunity to impress the in-laws – but getting the balance right is important. While showing off your sartorial style and wealth is tempting, you’ll once again want to avoid coming across as pretentious – so opt for a vintage Patek, Breitling or Omega to be certain of getting it just right.

Our favourite? TAG Heuer’s steel and gold-plated Formula 1 watch, with its attractive blue face, is stylish yet understated.