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men's hairstyles

Three popular men’s hairstyles for Summer 2015

By LLM Reporters on 21st April 2015

You might be able to get away with the wash-and-go look while on holiday, but for most, the warmer months still involve going to work. An unkempt ‘do is not going to cut it under the watchful eye of your boss, so with the mercury slowly beginning to rise, it’s time for a refresh.

Whether it’s a slight tweak or a complete style overhaul you’re going for, the warm weather brings with it a flurry of slick and stylish new ‘dos, and while you may be able to recreate some of them with your existing cut, others may require that you book in at the barbers for the chop.

We’ve enlisted the help of the experts at The Bluebeards Revenge male grooming brand to guide you through the key hair styles for Summer 2015.

1. Short back & sides

A modern and versatile cut that can be worn in a number of ways, this is a look that is perfect for the longer-faced man, with the back and sides clippered down to a grade one so that the scalp is exposed, and a slight fade from top to bottom below the curve of the head. If you want to go really high-fashion, then opt for a more dramatic skin fade, where the back and sides taper more obviously.

The longer top section has been point cut (chopped into with the ends of the scissors) to create texture and movement. This is a great choice for the coming months, as the level of scalp exposure is sure to keep you cool in hot holiday weather. It’s also extremely versatile, and can be worn slicked back, swept to the side, or in a more voluminous quiff style, making it the ultimate cut for this summer.

To style:

– Blow-dry hair, pulling the strands up and backwards as you do so to create a natural wave. Sprinkle some texturizing powder into the roots to add volume and texture, then work The Bluebeards Revenge Matt Clay in from root to tip, shaping with your hands as you do so. If your hair is on the finer side and you’ve got a long day ahead, finish with a spritz of hairspray and you’re good to go.

– The modern Pompadour is one of this season’s hottest trends (oddly, first adopted by women back in the 18th century, but later championed by Elvis himself). Now considered a classic rock & roll style, the hair is swept up and back, away from the face. Volume can again be achieved with help of a hairdryer, but this time, you’ll need The Bluebeards Revenge Pomade to provide hold and to smooth fly-aways, making for a slick, suave, high-shine finish Elvis would be proud of.


– Try straightening the top section and pulling it forward to create a fuller fringe, for a unique and individual look.

2. Blunt cut

Once again, the hair is clippered shorter at the back and sides, often with a tapered effect. The upper section of the hair is blunt cut – in other words, cut all to the same length, and left thick and chunky, creating almost a solid block of hair when styled. For a more dramatic effect, the back and sides can be clippered as short as a grade one.

To style:

– Use a dry product such as The Bluebeards Revenge Matt Paste, and work into the roots, smoothing hair into place as you go.

– This look also works well styled into a pompadour. Add some pomade for the obligatory wet-look finish and hold, and use a hairdryer to create volume, smoothing any flyaways with hands as you go.

3. The Undercut

A huge trend in the 90s, the undercut is making a comeback, but thankfully, the once popular ‘curtains’ style is but a distant memory. Nowadays, the longer top section sits higher on the head so that the shaved section – usually clippered to a grade one – is exposed, and is often seen combed back, swept to the side, or worn in a voluminous quiff. Depending on the desired look, the top section may be point-cut or razored

To style:

– For a modern take on the classic slicked-back look, scrape the top section of hair back with a wet look pomade for a high-shine finish.

– For a more volumiunous, textured look, part hair at the side and blow dry the top section into a sideswept quiff, running a small amount of The Bluebeards Revenge Matt Clay through from root to tip to hold.

– It’s not for everyone, but the topknot was huge towards the end of 2014, and will continue to prove popular throughout 2015. It’s a great option for summer’s warmer weather, without the need to cut your hair shorter than you’d like to.

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Image above courtesy of The Bluebeards Revenge.