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Top men’s fashion trends to look out for this summer

From designer swimwear to vivid colours, here are the top luxury fashion trends for men this summer.

By LLM Reporters  |  May 6, 2022

Men’s fashion has undergone a major transformation over recent years, with innovation and creativity taking centre stage in a way they never have done before. Once relatively conservative and pared down while women had all the fun with designer dressing, today, it’s all about experimentation and freedom of expression, and with men being encouraged to tear up the old-fashioned rule book and embrace new colours, styles and shapes, shopping has never been so appealing for the sartorial male.

From vivid brights to effortless suits, a plethora of new and thrilling trends have emerged already this spring to get you out of the long and never-ending winter and into the kind of new-season attire that both looks and feels good. Renewed creative energy and optimism are the buzzwords for the coming months as we relax and unwind into the summer, and as we take the necessary steps to rekindle our social lives after two years of restrictions, there’s never been a better time to try something new.

So, what are the biggest men’s fashion trends set to dominate this summer? Here, we give you the lowdown.

T-shirt vest
From simple stylish clothing to items that will show off your styling prowess, this summer is sure to have you sizzling in whatever you wear


The trend for vests and other sleeveless tops has made a slow but steady comeback over the last few years, and this summer, they’re set to be a strong look and an essential part of any style-conscious male’s wardrobe.

Offering plenty of versatility and available in many different styles, the sweater vest is one of the most popular styles amongst the Gen Z crowd and can be incorporated into any outfit to bring an extra dimension to your appearance. If you’re a little older, then don’t be afraid to embrace the look, because the world’s leading fashion houses have come up with designs to suit even the most sophisticated of tastes whilst ensuring a classic look that is age-appropriate.


Layering is a major trend in men’s fashion at the moment, and despite the warmer months ahead of us, it’s one that is set to continue long into the summer. The interest in layering has likely been inspired by the growth of maximalism, and allows you to add more dimension to your outfits with each new garment. It’s a great trend to jump on if you’re looking for an opportunity to explore your creativity, and can be easily adapted simply by peeling off or adding a layer, depending on the weather.

If you’ve been wearing the same swim shorts for years on end then this summer is the perfect time for an update

Designer swimwear

Thankfully, the summer of 2022 is promising more poolside good times than we’ve experienced of late, so if you’re heading to Ibiza, St. Tropez or any other sun-soaked luxury destination for a break then make sure you’re ready for the boat parties with the hottest men’s swim shorts of the season. Orlebar Brown offers a variety of designer swim shorts, which feature quick-drying fabrics and distinctive side fasteners. The best shorts to swim in when the weather gets hot again, if you’ve been wearing the same swim shorts for years on end then this summer is the perfect time for an update.

Hobby-inspired clothing

Hobby-inspired clothing is set to become a key trend this summer. If you haven’t heard of it, then it’s time to get familiar, because it’s about to become a central focus in your new season wardrobe – and whether luxury cars, gaming or sports are your preferred pastime, there’s a hobby-inspired look for you.

We’re seeing nods to a range of different activities and pursuits in the latest collections from the world’s most iconic fashion houses, with basketball and American football attire, in particular, seen on the catwalks at a number of the year’s biggest shows. Varsity jackets bearing the names of sports and events are one of the simplest ways to nail the trend, and if styled correctly, can be a testament to colourful and vibrant youth culture.

men's suits
This season’s two-pieces are all about light materials, like linen, for increased comfort, and slouchy silhouettes

Effortless suits

As summer is often associated with a sense of freedom, formal suits often take a break from our go-to wardrobe line-up – but if you’re eager to maintain your smart and well-put-together image regardless, then behold the effortless suit. A looser and more relaxed alternative to the classic men’s suit, this season’s two-pieces are all about light materials, like linen, for increased comfort, and slouchy silhouettes. And best of all, you don’t have to stick to tried-and-tested formal suit colours like black and grey, because this summer, it’s all about pastel hues and bold brights for a fun twist on this classic look.

80s Fashion

The fashion trends of the past always find a way of making a comeback, and while there’s no denying that the 90s are currently dominating in the women’s style stakes, men’s fashion is being driven by some of the returning 80s trends we know and love.

Features such as shoulder pads, patchwork denim, and bright prints have made a dramatic return to this year’s runways, with designers combining 80s fashion with modern trends to create new and refreshed looks. Flares and light-wash denim will play an important role this summer – so be prepared to take a trip back in time and have some fun with this summer’s silhouettes.

bright coloured clothing
Pastel shades, hot pink, and bright neons are enjoying a moment this summer

Vivid Colours

Colour has been back in vogue for a while now, and summer 2022 is the time to bring vibrant hues and bold patterns into your summer look. Pastel shades, hot pink, and bright neons are enjoying a moment, and while this might have been a palette in the past that many men would shy away from, in the modern age, we’re embracing it from head to toe. Pastel outfits, such as relaxed suits, are a great choice for formal settings like summer weddings and occasions, while festivals and parties lend themselves well to dramatic shades that push the boundaries of men’s fashion and that will break you free of your comfort zone once and for all.


Maximalism has slowly but surely overtaken minimalism in the fashion world this year, offering a welcome way to express our creativity and put together some truly individual looks. From choosing a head-to-toe look in a repetitive pattern or opting for a statement piece paired with a loud print, there are plenty of ways to embrace maximalism, and this is the season in which to do it.