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Treat yourself to luscious lashes for the party season

Words by Sara Darling

I would normally only think about fixing myself up with new lashes in the summer, when I am tempted to throw myself off the side of a yacht into crystal clear water, and historically emerge with mascara splattered cheeks. But given the opportunity to sample the Browhaus “Lashgraphy” mink lashes in the winter, has opened my eyes to a whole new world!

And this has become my new go-to addiction for December! Perfect for party season. I popped along to the Browhaus salon in Holborn pre party. Preparing for a long session, I plugged my phone into charge and got ready to chew the fat with my therapist.

For newbies, like me, the procedure takes between 1-1.5 hours, whilst you lie back and get each strand gently and individually extended. But when your eyelashes naturally fall out, you can pop in for a tune up within three weeks to infill (10 lashes blocks are £30) at any time! Perfect for opening up my peepers and making my lashes look more curly.

Lash extensions can be subtle or sassy and are ideal for the party season

Whether you want to really make an impression with hyper long floor sweepers; Or opt for a more subtle look, you can take advice before you begin. All the extensions are made from dark mink, so if you don’t have naturally dark lashes, your own will be tinted pre-treatment, so you don’t have a contrasting colour roots.

And then you simply lie back and relax, whilst your therapist gets stuck in. It did cross my mind that I wouldn’t be able to make the full 90 minutes without fidgeting, but actually the time flew by, and I even added a brow thread onto the order!

Other treatments including, “Lash In Bloom” (lash extensions), “Browgraphy” (thread, tweeze and colour tweak) and “Brow Resurrection” are done by friendly pros; And the central location of the clinics, along with Christmas late night opening, mean that you will have no excuse not to shine like the diva that you know you are this December!

For more information on the services and opening hours, check out Browhaus here at