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Tried & tested: Caroline Cooper reviews Jamie Stevens’ hair salon in Kensington

Jamie Stevens' hair salon in Kensington

Having really thick hair and an awful lot of it, I sometimes find going to a new hairdressers a little bit stressful. Usually without fail, the hairdresser will comment on how thick it is with a bit of an eye-roll, and more often than not, I end up having two people to blow-dry it as I’m eating into the next client’s appointment.

However I think things are finally about to change after visiting Jamie Stevens. The sleek boutique style salon is set on a leafy street of Kensington surrounded by stunning residential property. Upon arrival I noticed how happy and friendly the staff were, not something you necessarily find in all hairdressers, especially with a West London postcode. Jamie himself is renowned in the showbiz industry having worked with the likes of Kylie, Elle Macphearson, and Stella McCartney; as well as working on TV shows like X Factor and This Morning.

Jamie Stevens' hair salon in Kensington

Upon sitting in the chair, I was introduced to Jonathan, Artistic Director of the salon and Matrix colour Artist. Jonathan started off my asking me ‘what the aim was with my cut,’ cue me looking dumbfounded and realising I didn’t really have the answer. I just wanted to have some definition in my style and to feel good about myself. Having had my daughter a year ago, I’ve had very little ‘me’ time meaning I spend the majority of my time with my hair in a top knot which has left it in a bit of a wreck.

As I tried to explain to Jonathan what I wanted he immediately understood exactly what I was saying and talked me through what he was going to do to get me the shape I desired whilst maintaining the length. He talked me through how he was going to create softness round the front of my face which was exactly what I was aiming for and most certainly needed. It was so refreshing to meet a hairdresser who didn’t tell me I need 5 inches off my hair!

Following my consultation, Hallie got to work on washing my hair – with I think the world’s best head massage, I could have sat there all day if I had been allowed! Hallie also gave me a few tips about conditioning my hair, which I will be applying from now on as I have noticed the difference in managing it since I’ve applied them.

Jamie Stevens' hair salon in Kensington

Back in the chair, Jonathan and I had a lovely chat as he cut-away! In fact, we were so engrossed in baby chat, I barely even realised I was having my hair cut – usually I have mild panics as I see all the hair on the floor around me.

In the past (ok and present) I have had far too many blow dries than I should have, and I am always asked how I want it styled and more often than not end up looking like a Farrah Fawcett wannabe. However, I was amazed that Jonathan didn’t ask me how I wanted it styled and managed to get it exactly how I admire people’s hair in photos.

I’m so happy with the result of my hair and it’s been so much more manageable since I’ve had it done, and I wasn’t made to feel guilty about the thickness of my hair – in fact Jonathan didn’t bat an eyelid.

Jamie Stevens' hair salon in Kensington

Jamie Stevens has four locations across London, Surrey and Somerset.

Prices on cut range from £35 – POA. Jonathan Andrews costs £90 for a cut and finish