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Watch Review: Thomas Sabo Glam & Soul Black Chronograph Ladies Watch

Thomas Sabo Glam & Soul Black Chronograph Watch

With undisputable style and finesse, Thomas Sabo have quickly grown to become one of the leading jewellery manufacturers in the world. The name has become a powerhouse in the jewellery market, placing themselves amongst some of the biggest brands in both fine jewellery and costume jewellery. In a flawless approach, Thomas Sabo have seamlessly combined their love of fashion, with an innovative edge, producing a range of accessories that have exceeded the next level in style and self expression.

It is obvious too see how Sabo is on a mission to not only become a sustainable business in an extremely competitive market, but also continuing to expand into new areas to which will take the brand to new, exciting heights.

Since 1984, Sabo has been responsible for some of the most innovative designs, created using some of their most renowned styles, turning the Sabo brand into an instantly recognisable name. Their carefully selected teams help create inch perfect jewellery, presenting us with the ground breaking Charm Club, one of the first to explore the concept of customisable jewellery. Each piece offers the chance to feel and look glamorous, with hundreds of beads to represent individual styles, regardless of gender.

Thomas Sabo’s attention to detail is one of the most striking elements of their jewellery. The style is classic, extravagant and exclusive, giving the world some of the most desirable collections, including Love Bridge, Karma Beads, Glam & Soul and Rebel at Heart. With such a high demand for their products, it easy to see why there are over 2600 jewellers and retail partners placed all over the world.

More recently moving into the market of modern timepieces, one of their finest watches, the Thomas Sabo Glam & Soul black chronograph ladies watch has been a refreshing addition to an already outstanding collection. Many jewellery brands that have tried to transition into the world of watches struggle to find the balance between creating a fashion piece and a genuine, high quality time piece, however Sabo excelled; both in terms of design and craftsmanship.

It features a 38mm stainless steeling casing, which is flawlessly embellished with white zirconia crystals, beautifully highlighting the centre dial. The casing is finished with a striking stainless steel bracelet, featuring a thick black ceramic inlay, giving a classic design a contemporary edge.

The dial itself has been made a prominent feature, black being the main colour, sprinkled with accents of crystal that shine against the contrasting background. To add a touch of flair to the design, Sabo have subtly incorporated the Eiffel Tower into the second dial, giving it a touch of French elegance.

It terms of its more specific features, this watch has a superb five layer non reflective glass casing, one of Thomas Sabo’s signature qualities for his higher end watches. It also has a chronograph function, which is continuing to be popular amongst fashion watches of this kind. Aside from its aesthetics, there is also a date window for even more efficient time keeping, making it more than just a fashion accessory.