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Wearth: The up-and-coming online department store where ethics & aesthetics become one


Today’s shoppers are becoming more and more savvy about the products they are buying, and now, more than ever, it is crucial that stores keep up with the pace, endeavouring to offer the variety of options that is now so in demand without compromising on quality. From ethically sourced and vegan products, to those made exclusively on British soil, we, as buyers, won’t settle for anything less than the best – but despite the breadth of options available to us today, finding exactly what we are looking for is often easier said than done.

Sifting through the multitude of home or beauty products out there to find something that meets all your requirements can feel like an overwhelming task, but new online department store Wearth has come up with a new and far simpler way to shop. Home to more than 30 luxury brands, all of which have sustainable and ethical values, the up-and-coming store offers customers an innovative new way to track down exactly what they are looking for using a specific set of criteria. The site’s dedicated ‘shop by values’ option allows users to do just that, narrowing products down into categories such as ‘made in the UK’, handmade, or ‘plastic free’ and filtering out anything that doesn’t quite fit the bill.

Wearth’s department store brings together a range of eco-conscious pieces for every aspect of living

“One of our goals is to change the perception around what it means to shop sustainably, by showing that you do not need to compromise on quality or style. Our ‘shop by values’ system means that you can shop luxury brands just as you usually would, whilst filtering them to your requirements,” says Edward Davies at Wearth.

“At the heart of what we do is championing UK brands and supporting local economies across the country. This is one of the ways we ensure that all of the products we stock meet our standards.”

Wearth boasts a selection of departments for shoppers to browse, each designed to facilitate a luxury sustainable lifestyle – and proving that there is no reason to choose one or the other when you can comfortably have both.

The beauty world has, in recent years, become a place where many are no longer tolerating ingredients that are deemed to be unnecessary – or in some instances, even harmful. We’re more diligent than ever before about reading the labels on our products – and why wouldn’t we be, when it’s our own skin at stake?

Nina+Co bowls
Wearth are fully committed to keeping the amount of plastic in their products to an absolute minimum and promoting the use of green packaging

“Our natural beauty department is one of the stars of the show at Wearth, and, as you would expect, is full of beauty products which are natural and free of any nasty chemicals,” says Davies . “All the products we sell are high-end, feel good products which use only the highest quality organic ingredients, and are vegan-friendly and cruelty-free, too.”

He adds: “Keweko is one of our most popular skincare brands, offering a range of products that use certified organic ingredients. Its focus is on delivering high quality formulations for happier and healthier skin. Keweko’s products are eco-friendly, with natural ethically sourced ingredients, and thoughtfully designed packaging which has a minimal environmental impact. It’s exactly the type of brand we’re all about here at Wearth, and we’re delighted to be able to share such products with our customers and to connect them with brands that reflect the type of lifestyle they choose to lead.”

The rising online department store is about more that just beauty, however, and its homeware and furniture departments are already going down a storm with interiors enthusiasts looking to overhaul their homes the ethical way. Consisting of the finest products, handcrafted in the UK using sustainably sourced materials, the departments boast a plethora of luxurious soft furnishings, kitchenware and ceramics along with unique, handcrafted furniture.

The Breakfast Collection by Nina+Co is a range of ceramic tableware that has been flying off the shelves – as it were – in the lead-up to Christmas.

“Nina has collaborated with talented London artisans The Ceramicists, who craft her designs by hand in their small studio in South London,” explains Davies. “The collection is slip-cast using earthenware clay from Cornwall, and produced in small batches to maximise efficiency for a zero-waste process. Through thoughtful design and the inherent strength of the high-fired earthenware, the pieces are intended to be treasured and passed down through generations.”

Wearth are truly passionate about reducing our collective impact on the environment

It’s just the tip of the ice-berg, of course, with the department boasting a selection of luxurious scented soy wax candles, linen cushions and vases – and, with the range continuing to expand, the breadth of choice on offer is expected to flourish.

All of the store’s furniture is handmade in the UK using handmade, pallet or sustainably sourced materials, making up a range that is full of stylish and contemporary pieces that are fit for any 21st century home.

Davies proudly tells me: “We adore brands such as Made Anew, and from the feedback we receive, our customers do, too. Made Anew makes all its modern and minimal pieces by hand in its Bristol workshop using only sustainably sourced materials. Its designs focus on functionality whilst transforming recycled materials such as old wine boxes and reclaimed timber into stunning statement pieces, and the results are truly unique.”

Whether it’s reducing your environmental impact, supporting sustainability or minimising your exposure to harmful ingredients that concerns you, Wearth is fast becoming a popular choice for shoppers in search of a new kind of luxury – and, as it continues to prove that there is no longer any need to choose between ethics and aesthetics, it could soon be the first port of call.