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Where east meets west: Meet SIIYA, the luxury perfume house that will transport you to a faraway place this summer

By Melanie Kruger  |  June 23, 2021

Fragrance is often the first thing you notice about a person when they enter a room, wafting through the air, awakening the senses, and announcing their arrival in the most sophisticated of ways. When it comes to finding the perfect scent, it is all about personality, and the more exotic a fragrance, the more heads it is likely to turn thanks to its sumptuous and luxurious feel.

Of course, not just any perfume brand will do, the more unique and sophisticated, the better, and the creators of luxury fragrance house SIIYA know just how it is done. Despite the exclusive feel its fragrances give off, the brand prides itself on being inclusive, with a scent for everyone – but thanks to its bespoke bottles, you can have the best of both worlds.


The essence of SIIYA is east meets west, with the concept brought to life by its young founders in a bid to combine their dual identities. Each fragrance has been privileged to receive the personal touch and is inspired by a part of the world considered home to them. Honouring musk while also paying homage to classic scents such as rose and vanilla, it is hard not to get swept away to a faraway place when taking in these opulent fragrances, which are shamelessly exotic and endlessly appealing in every way.

“Our journey to find the best ingredient took us to France,” says Asiya, co-founder of SIIYA alongside Hamzah. “Our perfumes are mixed using the best quality ingredients we could possibly find, so they remain long-lasting and continue to evolve as they are sprayed. Each scent took many iterations to make it to our collection.

“Our desire is for our customers to use our perfumes to create memories, thereby giving the aromas their own meaning and a unique and individual story with which each person associates them. The smell of perfume should be a time-capsule of memories that evoke joy, wonder, hope, and love – the same feelings that inspired us when creating them.”

And they certainly do just that. Timeless and long-lasting, the range spans a varied range of tastes – reaching from sweet and deep to light and fresh – and each fragrance is as decadent as the next. Their unique east-meets-west aroma has won them a legion of loyal fans globally since SIIYA was launched in 2020 – right in the middle of a global pandemic. Taking customers to faraway places when all they could physically do was stay at home, it seems, was a stroke of sheer genius, as since its inauguration, the brand has gone from strength to strength.

As the world begins to open up to travel once again, however, it is the perfect time to start making those memories again. We’re likely all familiar with the power of a scent to evoke all kinds of memories of times gone by, and this year is all about making new ones whilst wearing SIIYA.

With ranges for both men and women, the brand’s discovery set has been proving a particularly popular choice since its launch, allowing users to try out the three different signature collection scents. So, if you consider yourself to be a little on the indecisive side, prefer a different scent for day and night, or simply enjoy switching up your perfumes according to your mood, then SIIYA has you covered.

There is also a unisex collection, which comprises fresh and uplifting scents that are perfect for just about everyone – and can be easily switched up to suit the occasion.


When it comes to luxury, finishing touches are everything – and SIIYA’s beautiful bespoke bottles add a real air of sophistication to any purchase. Intricately decorated with delicate gold foiling or hand-painted art, you can also choose to have your initials engraved onto your bottle to make the fragrance entirely your own when ordering. And if you’re buying for someone else? It’s the perfect way to add a personal touch to any gift, showing that you have really put some thought into it.

With summer officially upon us, it’s the perfect time to indulge in a little opulence, especially after a trying year – and there are few better ways to do so than by treating yourself to a delectable new scent. You might not be able to travel freely just yet, but SIIYA’s fragrances are guaranteed to take you wherever you want to go – and here at LLM, we’re hooked.

You can follow SIIYA on Instagram at: @siiyafragrance.