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Why a designer men’s watch is still the height of luxury

By LLM Reporters on 24th April 2019

A symbol of wealth, status and style, a quality men’s wrist-watch is the hallmark of a luxury lifestyle well lived, and every male – whether sartorial or otherwise – should have a show-stopping timepiece on his arm if he wishes to be taken seriously in the world of business.

Despite the fact that mobile phones and tablets have long overtaken the watch when it comes to keeping track of the time, wearing the classic accessory on your wrist is a sign that you will always be punctual and reliable – two qualities that are highly sought-after in the setting at hand, and ones that can win you the respect you deserve.

Of course, it’s not as simple as just making a swift purchase at the next high-end jeweller, and a luxury watch should be chosen with careful consideration and care. After all, it’s an extravagant investment that will last a lifetime, and so it pays to get it just right.

If you’re unsure where to start when it comes to purchasing a timepiece to be proud of, then a little background knowledge and a few insider tips are all you’ll need. Here are three things to consider when searching for the right watch for you.

A designer watch is the ultimate symbol of wealth, status and style

Making a Move

Switzerland is renowned for its high-quality watch movements, most of them coming from ETA – or Ronda, especially if they are quartz movements – though this is not always the case. Japanese quartz movements, howeverm are a close competitor and typically come from makers such as Seiko and Citizen.

The movement encompasses the sweep of a watch’s hands around its face and the way its inner mechanisms produce the effect, and is an important consideration when shopping. Available in three types – mechanical, automatic and quartz – each have their own pros and cons, so weigh up which are the most important to you when making your choice.

A mechanical watch has a movement that is powered by a mainspring. Once it is wound, it unwinds slowly and evenly – and the longer the mainspring, the longer the watch’s power reserve. Popular thanks to the smooth hand movement and the lack of need for a battery, the finest mechanical watches are examples of breath-taking engineering and craftmanship. It may not be visible to the naked eye, but if you appreciate well-made timepieces then mechanical could be for you.

However, not all mechanical movements are created equal, meaning not all mechanical watches are as accurate as others. They also require winding daily, which can be a turn off for some.

An automatic movement, meanwhile, is self-winding, thanks to a small weight inside, called the ‘rotor’. The rotor moves as your wrist does throughout the day, connecting to the mainspring and winding it with each motion. Convenient, smooth and easy to wear, it’s a popular choice that bears a hefty price-tag, but is more than worth the investment.

The final option is a quartz movement – common in sport and field watches and is powered by a small battery, which send electricity through a small quartz crystal. These electric pulses move the second hand, giving you that distinctive ‘tick, tick’ sound watches are best-known for.

Quartz watches are perhaps the most commonly worn and most affordable on the market and are functional and smart, but if superior quality is what you’re looking for then opt for mechanical or automatic.

A quality watch is an investment for years to come

A solid investment

It’s not just what’s on the inside that counts, and a good quality case that is aesthetically pleasing too should be next on your tick list of top features to look out for. A superior watch should be made from solid metal – steel watches should be grade 316L steel, and any links in the strap should be solid, too.

If you’re looking for the very finest money can buy, then titanium and ceramic are hard-wearing and are resistant to moisture and perspiration. If your chosen luxury watch is gold, rose gold, silver or black, then a PVD coating will ensure it maintains its colour.

Special delivery

Imagine a watch which comes complete with its own integrated flight computer – something which Breitling has brought to life in its stunning Breitling Navitimer, which is popular amongst high-flying pilots. The height of sophistication, a high-tech, designer watch which boasts unique and stand-out features such as this has the power to garner attention for all the right reasons, so don’t be willing to settle for any less than the best and look for something out of the ordinary that compliments your lifestyle.

A quality watch is an investment for years to come, and if you make the right choice then it might eventually become an heirloom handed down to future generations, too. The moral of the story? Take your time, do your homework and choose wisely – it could be the best purchase you ever make.