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Why you don’t need a week off work to recover for lip filling procedures

By LLM Reporters on 29th April 2019

From slimmer thighs to fuller lips, almost everyone has something they’d like to change about their bodies, but one of the most daunting thoughts when it comes to cosmetic procedures is the lengthy downtime required for recovery. Although making any kind of aesthetic modification to yourself should be given careful consideration, the good news is that these days, some of the procedures available are quicker and simpler to undergo than ever before. Even better, they require minimal time out for rest and recuperation, with many done in just an hour or two and leaving you free to return to work the following day.

One such procedure is the ever popular lip filler, favoured by celebrities and influencers keen to achieve that fuller look. If your lips are thin, or if they have lost their definition and fullness over time, you may be considering lip filling procedures like a lip enhancement or lip augmentation treatment yourself – both of which can help to enhance the natural shape of your lips and give them a welcome boost in the volume department.

If anxiety around needing to take time off work to recover is putting you off the treatment, then read on – here, we break down exactly what to expect from a lip filling procedures, busting any myths about the recovery process and leaving you free to make the decision that is right for you.

Most treatment centres begin with a consultation, where they check your medical history and suitability for a lip filling procedure

What to expect from lip enhancement

Most treatment centres begin with a consultation, where they check your medical history and suitability for a lip filling procedure. The type of hyaluronic acid filler which is then used is dependent on the type of result you want – treatment differs for those seeking greater definition compared to those wanting to increase volume.

Before the injection, a local numbing agent may be applied to ease discomfort. Trained practitioners will then inject the required filler into the treatment area using very fine needles, taking around 45 minutes to complete. Seek out one of the leading and highly qualified providers of lip fillers London to ensure you receive the optimum service.

The immediate result

Following injection, your practitioner may give you ice for your lips in order to ease discomfort and control the swelling, but you should avoid applying any firm pressure to the treatment area. Aesthetically, you’ll notice instant results, but be warned that around 20% of what you can see is swelling. It takes around four weeks for the full effect of the filler to be seen, after it has fully integrated and the swelling has subsided.

Lip augmentation is a cosmetic procedure that can give you fuller, plumper lips

Recovery from lip filling

As you can see, the above procedure is performed quickly and is relatively painless. Your lips may feel tender or slightly tingling afterwards, but there should be minimal bruising and redness. Your practitioner may advise you to massage your lips if you feel any lumps in the injected areas. Swelling is to be expected and the severity of it differs from patient to patient.

In more extreme cases, your lips may initially look a little uneven – but don’t worry, this will soon subside. Most patients experience mild to moderate swelling for around a week. You need to let nature run its course, but you can aid the healing process by applying a cold compress to numb the area and any inflammation. If you are experiencing any bruising, try Arnica cream.

Will I need time off work?

The great news is, you won’t need any time off work at all to recover, and can be back in the office the same day. Even if you’re experiencing some minor swelling, you should not need to take any downtime after undergoing lip filling treatment – so there’s no need to waste a moment when it comes to showing off that perfect new pout.