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Dream destinations to consider when moving abroad

By LLM Reporters on 28th April 2019

The freedom of living as an expat can be tempting, and with many more countries embracing the global citizen lifestyle and opening up positions to international workers, the world really is becoming your oyster. Whether you’re looking for a new environment to explore, are tired of your job, or need an escape, deciding where to settle down can be an overwhelming decision! From job opportunities to salary considerations, childcare to quality of life, there are lots of factors to consider when relocating from your home country.

Specialist online currency company, Eris FX have been serving expatriates since 2006 and have analysed 6 online reports to bring you their top picks for the 5 best expat countries in 2019, to help you begin your overseas adventure:



Singapore frequently tops the lists of the most desirable destination for expats, and it’s no surprise. Between year-round beautiful weather and openness to overseas residents, Singapore also provides incredible business opportunities and generous financial packages; on average expats can expect a 29% pay rise and are able to enjoy low tax rates when compared with the UK – those earning less than $22,000 per year pay nothing in taxes, while those earning over $320,000 per year pay 20%!

Education is often a concern when relocating, but not here, although schooling in the country can be expensive, it’s rated as one of the top places to raise children abroad due to the high-quality education system and array of schools. It’s easy to feel at home in the country; many UK nationals count Singaporeans as friends and as a part of their social circles. If you have a love for exploring new places, you’ll be pleased to hear that travelling to (and out of) Singapore is very easy and affordable by bus, MRT, taxi and plane.


Classic view of Berlin skyline with famous TV tower and Spree in beautiful golden evening light at sunset, central Berlin Mitte, Germany

Perhaps an unexpected destination to make the list, but expats report overwhelmingly positive experiences in Germany, with many believing the country is a fantastic move for career advancement. What’s more, you won’t feel overworked and can enjoy a fantastic work-life balance. The nation is known to be very environmentally friendly, and expats can enjoy the clean and green country with seasonal weather. If your heart is set on a move to Germany, try to learn the language to fit in and make friends.

New Zealand

Cape Reinga Lighthouse north edge of New Zealand

New Zealand’s vast landscape is stunning – from glorious sandy beaches to great native forests, mountains, lakes and river, nature is on your door wherever you choose to reside in New Zealand and, even in the biggest cities, you’re only 30 minutes from a beach or native park. New Zealand offers a high-quality of living, the pace is laid back and the locals are relaxed and very easy to get along with. If you’re looking to take your foot off the gas and enjoy nature, give this dream destination some serious consideration.


Bahrain Flag with skyline of Manama at Bahrain Fort. A UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Middle East

The small Middle Eastern nation has won the favour of expats thanks to its enviable renumeration packages. In recent years Bahrain has positioned itself as a regional financial hub, overtaking Hong Kong, with around half of expats reporting a 50% higher income than back home. The expat community is growing in Bahrain and now outnumbers the locals. The destination is widely considered to be more liberal than the surrounding Middle Eastern countries; most locals speak English and are welcoming of foreigners. If you appreciate the finer things in life, there’s plenty to enjoy; Bahrain is home to gleaming supermalls, prestigious drinking and dining establishments and impressive contemporary architecture.


The nation that boasts beautiful countryside that is interspersed by modern cities, has an open-arms policy to newcomers. Integrating into their culture is widely reported to be easy, and Canadians aid this by being very welcoming. Popular with expats who are looking to bask in natural beauty while enjoying modern conveniences typical of the western world, Canada is one of the world’s most prosperous nations. A high quality of life and schooling can be enjoyed in the country, and, businesses widely accept the importance of skilled immigrants in the growth of the local economy – expats tend to find employment through insurance, catering and production industries, with those who specialise in project management or from an engineering background are in high demand.

With so many dream destinations worldwide, it is important to consider the culture fit of your expat destination; know what is most important to you, from thriving in your career and enjoying a boosted salary, to taking your foot off the gas and enjoying a more laid-back way of life and anything in between. Once you’ve set your sights on your dream destination, do your research, take the leap of faith and enjoy the overseas way of life!