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Five wedding trends to look out for in 2017

Looking back on 2016, this year saw a more modern spin on traditional weddings. They saw things like swapping the pure white princess dresses for a colourful alternative, and putting social media and photo bans on guests and getting them more involved in wacky wedding activities. 2016 concentrated on the fun in weddings with brides and grooms being more daring with their big days.

With around 40% of couples get engaged over Christmas and New Year; this year is set to be no different with 2017 looking to be a busy year for the wedding market. If you are lucky enough to be entering 2017 with a ring on your finger, these themes will be perfect to get you thinking about what you want your big day to look like. For those who will be starting their year with a big book of wedding planning or those who have already started the countdown to the big day, being in the know of the latest trends is crucial.

wedding outside
Throughout 2016 we started to see glimpses of nature and greenery making appearances in the wedding scene

Au Natural

Throughout 2016 we started to see glimpses of nature and greenery making appearances in the wedding scene. Rustic wedding looks brought barnyard settings, DIY decorations as key centrepieces and naked cakes shining above a traditional icing cake.

In 2017 the appeal of integrating nature with weddings makes for a minimal yet beautiful setting. Although weather in the UK can be hit and miss, outdoor weddings could see a huge rise in 2017 and the efficiency of utilising country scenery over decorating a venue can save a lot of time and money.

Lovers of the outdoors will find a homely connection to their wedding being set in a forest, field or even a barnyard for those inevitable rainy days. Why not get creative with what the outdoors has to offer? Using hay bales as seats, fire pits to keep guests warm on the colder days and fresh fruit to add the finishing touches to your cake. If you are more in touch with nature, these bohemian style weddings will be perfect for summer time to create the most relaxed, beautiful summer night of the year.


For those who seek adventure and better weather for their big day, going overseas is the perfect option. Weddings in the UK are becoming increasingly more expensive and although your guest list may be cut down in the long run it will save you a huge amount of money when it comes to your venue, catering and reception. Going overseas to get married can involve a lot of research as different countries have different laws and requirements for a legal ceremony but, with almost guaranteed sunny weather and the ability to get married on a beach, it will be worth the hours of Google searching and phone calls.

Getting married overseas can often bring to light how beautiful a small wedding can be. Having just close family and friends at a ceremony can make for a more personal day, giving you chance to spend more time with the people you care for most.

2017 is set to be a year of culture; getting wed abroad will be the perfect chance to experience new cities and all they have to offer. Many hotels offer packages that will accommodate guest’s for around the same price that would be paid for just a room hire in the UK. Whether you go for the European coastline of Amalfi, Italy or a luxury beach wedding in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic not only will you have the perfect setting for your wedding but also a perfect beginning to your honeymoon as well.


The year of the princess is back but certainly not as we remember it. The big white ball gowns,wedding veils horses and carriages and pink everywhere is the classic princess weddings we all used to dream about as little girls. However, when the Price/Andre wedding brought us the biggest, pinkest, princess wedding we’ve ever seen, the boycott of princess weddings begun.

The return of the princess wedding may be a worrying thought but fear not, for the fairy-tale wedding has turned into an elegant, soft and classy theme for the 2017 princesses that are deep within us. Gone are the bright princess pinks and a pastel rose pink takes its place, adding subtle colour that is perfectly paired with whites and sparkles.

DIY/Craft Weddings

The rise of Pinterest and its involvement in the wedding scene is now considered to be more crucial than a wedding planner itself. Brides digging up old couple photos from decades’ past, adorning their venues in handmade bunting and everyone having a personalised name cards this year will be the year to do it.

All those artistic and crafty brides can now spend days scrolling through Pinterest looking at how to craft your own stationary, table decorations and even a whole room layout. Dependant on how much effort you want to put into decorations the 2017 DIY will be the most sentimental weddings you attend.

Wedding photo backdrops set for pictures
For those who seek adventure and better weather for their big day, going overseas is the perfect option


Any interior fanatic will be able to tell you that metallics have been slowly working their way into homeware and have now become a nice feature colour to have alongside those neutral colours. Now they are making their way into the wedding market. Coppers, rose golds and silvers are adding an elegant touch to simplistic weddings.

Metallic can often add fear of a cheap and almost futuristic looking wedding, however a little goes a long way. The smallest touch of the metallic of your choice can give the versatility of class and fun to a simplistic wedding.

As the 2017 brides begin to tick off their to-do lists, an early insight into these trends can give inspiration to anyone. After the Christmas proposals have been done the wedding trends of 2017 can begin to blossom into the new year and create even more memories to take to 2018.

The thing that makes any wedding day perfect however, is that it’s right for you. Trends don’t matter too much as long as you and your partner are happy; so be sure to go through Pinterest, wedding brochures and Instagram, but always be true to exactly what you want.