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Gift ideas for the wonderful people in your life

With the festive season now just around the corner and only ten weeks to go until Christmas Day, it’s time to put some thought into your seasonal gift list. No, we don’t mean for yourself, but for the loved ones in your life – and, with many of us blessed with a long list of people to surprise come the big day, there’s no time like the present, if you’ll excuse the pun.

Christmas is a time for spending time with those who are important to you, but it’s also a great opportunity to show them just how much they mean to you by showering them with special gifts. If someone in particular has truly made your year, then nothing is more satisfying than surprising them with an extravagant present they will cherish forever – the question is, what do you get, and for whom?

Finding the perfect luxury gifts for family and friends can seem like an overwhelming task, which is why we’ve done the hard work for you. Here are three top ideas that are guaranteed to please – whoever it is you’re buying for.

A luxury trip away

Venice in summer, Italy. Grand Canal, Punta della Dogana and Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute. Venice landmarks. Postcard of Venice. Beautiful sunny view of Venice.

A fantastic idea for anybody who’s struggling to think of the perfect present for a loved one, a trip or holiday is the type of gift that keeps on giving. While material items can often be forgotten years down the line, a special trip is a chance to make some memories that will last a lifetime.

Whether it’s a surprise romantic getaway for you and your partner or spouse, or a winter sunshine trip for that friend who has been having a tough time of it recently, a luxury getaway is something that will never fail to please. When choosing the destination, be sure to bear in mind the recipient’s tastes and interests rather than your own – you could even book them in for a private vineyard tour and wine tasting, a decadent Michelin-starred dining experience or some sumptuous spa treatments as an extra treat.

If you’re having trouble deciding what the best possible experience could be, or perhaps you’d like to gift the lucky recipient a trip away on their own, then you could opt for gifting air travel from Skyhour. This will not only take the pressure off you by saving you the headache of finding the perfect location but it will allow the lucky recipient to pick their dream destination for themselves. By gifting skyhours, you’re ensuring flexibility for the receiver to travel wherever they want, whenever they want, and you can gift them as many hours as you like, which can either cover a complete flight or part of a flight.

A gadget

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Let’s face it; we all love getting our hands on the latest gadget, whether it’s the brand new iphone or a high-tech drone that will allow you to capture your next luxurious holiday from new heights.

Christmas is a great time to seek out an exciting gadget for a loved one, with many brands opting to launch new ones just in time for the big day.

A gadget is something that can be interpreted in a variety of different ways, and as such, can be tailored to any individual’s tastes and interests. Is your mother a huge fan of home cooking? Then the latest kitchen gadget could make her day – while any DIY enthusiasts in the family may well appreciate the latest power tool.

If you have a partner or a friend who loves video games, you could get them a high end gaming pc – an extravagant surprise that is bound to put a smile on their face as they unwrap it on Christmas Day. Music lovers, meanwhile, will love a new pair of headphones so that they can listen to their favourite tunes, wherever they are.

Spend some time thinking about what it is that the people in your life love best, and the right gadget will come to you. It always pays to do your research before making a purchase though, as with so many options on the market today – and particularly at this time of year – it can prove to be a time consuming affair.

A celebration

Another gift idea for the people who matter most in your life is a celebration. Whether it’s a surprise party or not, arranging a fun gathering for somebody important in your life is a great way to show them that you care. It’s all about combining their interests to create a wonderful day for them; why not get their friends and family members to help you out, to ensure that you get things just right? It’s the gesture that counts, and whether you bake the cake yourself or have it specially created and delivered by that luxury patisserie they love, your loved one will just be happy that you put the effort into creating a special day for them.

The key to choosing a great gift for a loved one is simply showing them that you care. It’s all about the thought you put into it, an that’s something that always shows. This Christmas, spend a little extra time and effort working out what they will like the most, and you can’t go wrong.