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How to buy for the person who has everything

Buying gifts can be difficult at the best of times, but what do you do when the person you are trying to buy for already has everything?

Well, you could spend hours walking round the shops desperately trying to find something they might not have or you could just read on and make the seemingly difficult task incredibly easy!

Subscribe them to something they love
There are so many things you can subscribe to these days – magazines, sweet treats, tea, wine or beer and even socks – which are great gift ideas for men and women!

Feeling generous? You could even get two! Magazines and tea, for example, go great together – providing them with the perfect opportunity to put their feet up and relax, each time they land on the doormat.

Make it personal….
You can get a name or special message on pretty much anything these days – so personalise something they love! If they do a lot of DIY you could get their name on a hammer or if they are partial to a glass of wine or two, personalise a wine glass with a funny message. The possibilities are endless!

Do they have any hobbies?
How can you incorporate something that they love with their gift? Well, if they enjoy playing golf in their spare time (but aren’t very good at it) why not get them some lessons? Or if they spend much of their free time in the kitchen, then take them to a fun cookery class, such as this world cuisine cookery class!

They may have everything, but have they done everything…
Give them a day of adventure. Swing through the trees at Go Ape, fly through the sky with a bungee jump or sky dive – or let them fulfill their need for speed as they make their way round a race track in a super car!

… Or been everywhere?
Why not take them away for a weekend and spend some quality time together? Really think outside the box and make sure it is somewhere they haven’t been before and are not expecting. Experience one of these unusual escapes that could see you glamping in a luxury yurt or wooden pod, staying in a former farmhouse or chapel or trekking out to a remote lodge – anywhere from Cornwall to Scotland.

Let them buy for themselves
A gift card may seem like an easy way out when you don’t know what to buy someone. But make sure you get it for their favourite shop and it is actually quite thoughtful. Also, rather than having to take back something they already have, they can choose something for themselves.

If you really can’t think of anything to buy them, then why not make them something? You can guarantee they won’t have that! You could do some baking and make them a special cake, create a memory box and fill it with meaningful things, create a photo frame and fill it with a funny photo or make up a hamper complete with all their favourite things.