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How to treat yourself this upcoming winter

Although we’re still holding onto the remnants of summer, the shortening evenings and cooling temperatures are a sign of things to come – and for many, it’s a time of dread as we hurtle towards autumn and winter, Winters can be long, harsh and miserable if you let them – the cold weather means you no longer feel like going outside, and avoiding the dreaded winter head cold is an almost impossible feat.

Suffice it to say, winter can make living luxuriously difficult, but it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. In fact, when approached in the right they way, it can actually be the best time of the year. From adopting the Danish “hygge” lifestyle to booking an incredible beach holiday, here are some of our best tips for treating yourself this upcoming winter. Trust us, it will be your best one yet.

Invest into the “Hygge” Lifestyle

The Danish lifestyle trend hygge (pronounced Hyoo-gah) has taken the world by storm in recent years, and not without good reason. As the Danes themselves are notably referred to as the happiest people on earth, it’s little wonder that people around the world want to inject some much-needed hygge into their own lives. This lifestyle trend is a great one for so many reasons, and it can be the antidote to winter blues that we all need in our lives.

The main focus of hygge is simple: cosiness. This refers to that content, warm feeling when you’re cuddled up on the couch with a good book, or when you’re enjoying after work drinks with your friends. There are so many different interpretations of hygge, but to achieve it in your own life is rather simple: slow down and focus on what matters the most to you and makes you happy. Spend more time with your friends, try to learn to focus and relax again, and make more time for the things that make you feel warm and happy inside.

Book Plenty of Events in Advance with Friends

Social isolation can wreak havoc on your health, and winter often shuts people indoors and makes it much harder to socialise. Rather than wait out winter alone, make plans in advance. Try to see your friends at least once a week. Invite them over for dinner, plan a meal or event out, go to a market, and so on. There are so many ways you can spend time with your friends, but it has to be in advance if you want to make sure it happens. It will be hard to get people to go on a spontaneous outing when it’s cold outside and they’re already snug inside, but by planning, and even getting tickets in advance, you can give everyone the incentive they need to get out and spend some much-needed time together.

Treat Yourself to a Sun-Filled Holiday

Focussing on cosiness and friends is a great way to improve your winter at home, but the best way to improve your winter overall is to skip the damp cold of a UK winter and instead find the best winter sun deals. That way you can get some much-needed sunshine and enjoy the beach with far fewer tourists crowding in on you. A luxury holiday can be the very best antidote to winter, so get that suitcase out and start packing.

Winters don’t have to be terrible – and with some thorough preparation ahead of time, they don’t have to be. Make some small changes, arrange a few things to look forward to, and you could well find that this winter is your best one yet.