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Miss To Mrs Bridal Subscription Box: Making the wedding planning journey a breeze

By LLM Reporters on 2nd June 2020

Your wedding day is guaranteed to be one of the most unforgettable of your life, as the months and months of planning finally come to a head, culminating in a beautiful occasion that sees you and your partner finally walk down the aisle in front of family and friends, and have the chance to say ‘I do’. The chances are that in years to come, you’ll still be looking back at photos of the day with fond memories of how it all panned out – but getting there isn’t always such a walk in the park, with planning your nuptials said to be one of the most stressful experiences you’ll ever go through.

Although it’s a wonderful experience on the day itself, it goes without saying that the planning side of things can be somewhat more fraught, and from disagreements over the caterers to the florist being out of your favourite flowers, there are often more than a few obstacles you’ll have to overcome along the way.

Whether you’re planning a big, traditional church wedding, surrounded by your family and friends – or an idyllic luxury destination wedding abroad, when tasked with coordinating so many different suppliers and guests, things are bound to go wrong here and there. But more often than not, they are fixable, and simply require a little thinking outside the box to come up with a suitable solution.


Plus, with bridesmaids, groomsmen – and of course, the groom himself on hand, often, delegating some of the tasks to those around you will help to ease some of the pressure. More often than not, they will be only too happy to help, and delighted that you’d like to include them in the planning.

Nonetheless, there are almost certain to be moments when you find yourself tearing your hair out in despair – and it’s times like these that you’ll be grateful for an extra little boost to remind you of the bigger picture. Although the small things can feel like the end of the world at the time, in the grand scheme of things, they are only minor hiccups – and certainly won’t derail your special day.

Enter, Miss to Mrs Bridal, who, to make things that little bit easier and to add a little fun and romance back into proceedings, have come up with a monthly luxury subscription box that is guaranteed to put the smile back on your face during times of stress. Packed with a range of luxurious themed goodies that will help you along on your planning journey, it will serve as a monthly reminder of the exciting occasion ahead, and most importantly, of what the entire process is really all about.

From décor elements and party essentials, to spa products and bridal beauty gifts, this gorgeous bridal subscription box is the best gift you could give yourself during the lead-up to your big day. Not only is it packed with a range of beautiful treats for you each month, but it also comprises helpful accessories to make the planning process run smoothly. From Calendars and planners to tips, ideas and inspiration, you’ll find everything you need each month all in one box, with over $100 worth of gorgeous items shipped to you monthly for just $35.

The Miss to Mrs box subscription plan will be tailored to suit your specific wedding date, with all subscriptions staring off with a beautiful engagement box and ending with a special honeymoon box to send you off into married life in style.

Wherever and whenever you’re getting married, it’s important to remember that this is one of the happiest and most exciting occasions you’ll ever celebrate in your life – so try to relax and make the planning process fun, enjoying each phase as much as you can and sharing the load with others.

And, if you’re not the one who’s going to be doing the walking down the aisle? Then what better way to put a smile back on that stressed-out friend’s face than to offer a helping hand – and to gift them with a bridal subscription box filled with gorgeous luxury goodies?