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Sophisticated stags: The changing trends of the standard ‘stag’ party

By LLM Reporters on 26th September 2019

So you’ve chosen the perfect ring, popped the big question and got the answer you were looking for, and no sooner have you announced your impending nuptials to friends and family than the preparations have begun for your wedding day.

From choosing a beautiful fairytale venue to ordering your designer suit, there’s a lot to consider when planning the biggest moment of your life – but before you get anywhere near walking down the aisle, there’s another significant event you’ll be wanting to hold first.

The ‘Stag Do’ is a pivotal moment in any man’s life, symbolising his last night as a bachelor before tying the knot with his wife to be. Once a raucous and occasionally sordid affair that took men to some unsavoury haunts, today’s bachelor party harks back to times gone by, when men were gentlemen and stag nights were civilised affairs, featuring glamorous casinos, quality whisky and only the smartest attire.

In some cases, many people are happy to still embrace this long lasting tradition of having a celebration with friends and family separate from your partner to celebrate you entering into the world of marriage. But, in some cases, this isn’t the be all and end all as it once was. Many people are opting for different ways than the standard night out so we thought we would explore some of the rising trends for this tradition. 

Birthday party in a limo with glasses of champagne
One of the newest trends to rise when it comes to bachelor and bachelorette parties is to have a joint one

The joint party

One of the newest trends to rise when it comes to bachelor and bachelorette parties is to have a joint one. Many couples nowadays have been together for some time before getting engaged, and have often enjoyed a long engagement, and if that’s the case for you then you may well find that you have shared friends that you have made together as a couple.

A joint celebration provides a great opportunity to get everyone together in one place, and often makes for a classier and more sophisticated party than the traditional ‘stag’ or ‘hen’ – events which are known for being tacky and uncouth, and that would certainly be out of place in your favourite luxury venue of choice.

Why not opt for a joint cocktail party, inviting guests to come along in their finery for an altogether classier affair? A day at the races is another great option – or better yet, why not think about going on holiday with a select group of friends? Not only will you have the chance to celebrate with all your friends and family, but with your future spouse, too – and, with many happy years ahead of you, it’s a great way to see out your final days as an unmarried couple.

The more sophisticated approach

If you are still planning on having separate parties then there are lots of ways to ensure yours is a civilised and sophisticated affair. Book out a luxurious venue for the night or try something a bit different instead – if you like the idea of visiting a brewery for an event, you can find nearby breweries online, while a fun day out in a European city followed by a champagne evening reception at your five-star hotel can also make for a sophisticated and adult way to celebrate.

A family affair

A family-only stag party might seem selective, but in actual fact, it can make for a classy and intimate celebration the night before your big day. A meal at your favourite fine dining restaurant, an evening at the theatre or a few spins in the casino can all make for an enjoyable evening, and for the most part, promise to leave you feeling fresh and ready to walk down the aisle and to enjoy your wedding to its full potential.

Two specialists standing with glasses of beer, looking at glasses and smiling. Brewery workers in white shirts and brown aprons posing at brewery background. Concept of craft beer brewery.
Brewery tours are becoming popular with stag parties all across the UK

The party at home

There is no place like home, so it’s no surprise that more people than ever are now choosing to hold their stag parties in their own houses. If you live in a luxury abode to be proud of, then it’s a great opportunity to show it off. IA garden party where a BBQ is on the go is always a great hit, whilst in the cooler months, some casual whiskies and a game or two of poker indoors can hit just the right spot.

No party at all

Of course, there is no obligation to host a stag party at all, and these days, more people than ever are choosing to go without. Your wedding itself is as big a celebration as you can get, and with all your friends and family around you, there are few better ways to mark the start of a new and exciting phase in your life.

If you have children, you may prefer to take them on a special holiday with you once you have tied the knot. It’s a great way to make them feel included in the celebrations, and makes for a lovely alternative to a raucous stag night.