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The ultimate guide to moving abroad in 2021

By LLM Reporters on 1st July 2020

An unexpected worldwide lockdown got many of us thinking. Whether it was taking a step back to learn how to cook new and exciting recipes that you wouldn’t have had time to otherwise discover, or re-considering the job that you had been working tirelessly at, certain relationships that needed reassessing, or even an entirely new direction in life.

Today more and more people are looking to move abroad to some of the most luxurious destinations around the world. With increased access to cheap and fast flights, global connections, and relaxed regulations on the movements of people and animals, families can start a new life abroad with relative ease.

If the time to sit back and review resulted in big plans for a big move, then we’ve got you covered. From choosing the country in which you are going to relocate to figuring out how to bring your beloved pet with you, read on for the key information you will need when planning to move abroad in 2021.

Where will you move to?

Canada is regularly documented as one of the bets countries to emigrate to

There may be one or a few existing factors which will help you decide where it is exactly that you want to move to. Are you working on a long-distance relationship and you feel that it’s about time you took it to the next level? Do you have family in another country, or friends, and you feel that a big move would be doable with people you know nearby? Perhaps you have travelled to this country before and you just fell in love with the place, the people, the food and the sights and you felt more at home than your existing country.

Maybe you’ve been lucky enough to get a new job or promotion abroad, or maybe you have no idea! We’ve talked before about the best countries to move to for a good education and we’ve broken down in great detail some of the top destinations in the world to emigrate to but to give you a few more ideas, consider the below options.


Canada is regularly documented as one of the bets countries to emigrate to. With unspoilt landscapes, incredible wilderness and bustling cities, Canada offers a distinctly unique and high quality of life for those looking to relocate overseas. With an established expat community in Canada, it is widely accepted that the country is extremely welcoming to new residents.


Known for its combination of historic Mayan culture and awe-inspiring Caribbean coastline, Belize is one of the most attractive countries for those looking for a different way of life. With easy accessibility to health care, a low cost of living and beautiful landscapes on your doorstep, Belize offers everything you can imagine.

Italy is continually one of the most attractive countries to emigrate to, as shown by the Amalfi Coast


The country of food, culture and style, Italy is continually one of the most attractive countries to emigrate to for people of all ages. With a combination of a modern way of life with the romantic nature of the country, Italy is one of those of countries that will never get old to those who decide to move there.

The logistics of moving abroad – key things to consider

So, you’ve decided where it is you want to move to, you’ve chosen an area, picked a property and now you need to figure out how it is you are going to make all of this happen. It takes a little planning to get everything organised but don’t be dissuaded, it will be worth it in the end.

Before you can start planning your move, you must have an idea of when you would like to be or must be in your new home. Do you have a deadline to start work? How long will it take to get a visa? Do you have a property to move into already, if so when can you move in by? These are all questions you must answer before your travels.

There will be many more things you need to consider such as how to bring the family pet with you, finances, how to move your belongings and how to settle into life when you arrive, so we’ve broken down some of the key factors to consider when packing up your life.

dog in car
Pet relocation companies will ensure your family friend can join you on your big move

How to bring your pet with you

You will need to consider the timeline for bringing your pet with you and consider the length of time it will take to get a visa for your pet, how long must you wait before travelling after vaccinations and what the quarantine time will be on arrival.

Talking to your vet at such an early stage will allow you to gauge an expert understanding of what is needed, extra precautions you may need to take and it will allow them to voice their opinion regarding the general health of your pet and how they may cope with the travel itself.

Next up is when you start to think about how you to want to transport your pet overseas and, most importantly, who you want to trust. Over the past 30 years, pet relocation companies, have become experts in transporting your pets all over the world. With fantastic knowledge and care for animal welfare, they will provide you with a list of transport options that are most suitable to you and your pet’s needs.

passport tickets travel
Make sure you plan well in advance and have all the correct documentation

Finally, you need to ensure you have the correct documentation in order to be able to bring your pet along too, this includes vaccination and health records, a letter from your vet clearing them for travel, both visas for you and your pet, your plane tickets and import licence.

What to do with your belongings

It goes without saying that you should clear yourself of any unnecessary items well in advance and ensure that you are only bringing with you belongings that you really want and need. Freeing yourself up of extras will also provide you with some finances for the move itself. Now you’ve decided what you are bringing, decide whether you need to place it in storage (if you are looking to rent a furbished home for the time-being) or whether you need to bring it with you straight away. If you have a place to live already then get in touch with some removals companies and check their insurance covers everything you need. High value items such as jewellery can travel with you and it may be advisable to book a stay in a hotel until your furniture and other belongings arrive and you can move into your home.

woman in city
Enjoy your new life!

How to deal with your finances

Make sure to deal with your finances well in advance, sell off those unrequired items, set up a bank account and keep some funds aside for those first few months of settling in. Research your options when it comes to bank accounts and protect yourself with contents and home insurance. Ensure you understand the fees and interest rates before choosing a bank account and bear in mind that bank regulations change by country so there may be fees for the account or for particular transactions that you wouldn’t expect at home.

What to do when you arrive

Once you are there you may need to enrol children into schools, start a new job role or furnish your home. You may even need to learn a new language and you will certainly need to find ways to settle into a way of life that makes you happy there – the reason for moving after all!

Try to immerse yourself into the local culture, get involved and attend local events, make friends, and enjoy the new life you’ve created for yourself.